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Leon Tenjo
Full Name: Leon Tenjo
Aliases: Zero
Leon Serlut
Age: 16-18
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black

Birth Date: a.t.b. 2000
Nationality: Britannian-Japanese
Relatives: Erina di Britannia (Mother)
Marik di Britannia (Brother)
Liana di Britannia (Younger Sister)
Occupation: Student
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Neo Pendulum
Prime Pendulum
Real World
Voiced By: Vic Mignogna (English)
Mamoru Miyano (Japanese)

Leon Tenjo (天上レオン, Tenjo Reon?) is one of the main characters of Code Geass: Marik and Lelouch of the Dissention. He is formerly known as Leonardo di Britannia (レオナルドディブリタニア, Reonarudo di Buritania?) and formerly a Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Thirteenth Prince of the second line of Britannia.

As a student he used the alias, Leon Serlut (レオン・セルルート, Reon Seruruto?) being adoptive by Serlut Family due their respect and loyalty for his mother Erina.


Leon is greatly resemble Marik in term of facial feature which usually isn't notice by others perhaps due to Leon exhibit a laid back expression


Leon exudes a carefree and easygoing nature, always embodying a light-hearted demeanor. He effortlessly maintains a relaxed and laid-back persona, often engaging in silly and immature antics, seeking attention from those around him. His playful behavior, however, is often met with criticism from his comrades, who fail to comprehend that his humor acts as a shield for his own fears. Only Marik, the perceptive one, truly understands that Leon harbors deep insecurities about himself. Unbeknownst to others, he carries a profound sense of guilt, as he believes he indirectly caused the tragic demise of Toshiro Shirokuma and Kallen's stepfather, Jo Kozuki. This remorse weighs heavily on his heart, as he consistently blames himself for his own shortcomings.

Despite his light-hearted demeanor, Leon possesses a kind and courageous nature. He has the ability to be serious when the situation demands it and has demonstrated strong leadership skills, which led Marik to appoint him as the second-in-command of the Black Knights and temporary leader in Marik's absence. Leon holds a strong sense of justice and is driven by his desire to create a future where people can live in peace, regardless of their race or background. He possesses a strong will and strength, much like Marik, and is willing to use any means necessary to achieve his goals, even if it means facing consequences or opposition from others. However, he only resorts to extreme measures if he believes it is absolutely necessary.

Leon's sense of justice and selflessness make him a charismatic and influential leader, and he possesses the intellect to anticipate and prepare for the potential consequences of his actions. He is dedicated to the ultimate goal of equality and unity among people, forging strong friendships and earning the trust of others. For instance, he gained the friendship and gratitude of Benio when he saved her from bullies, showcasing his willingness to help others. Leon strongly despises Britannia for causing pain, suffering, and numerous deaths, further fueling his determination to bring about change.

After experience several losses and hardship such as Amy's Death, much of Leon's goofy laidback, positive personality disappears and it is replaced by a more calm, calculated serious nature and is forced to seriously consider the future for the world. Though being entrusted with to lead the Black Knights initially paralyzed him especially when he was ultimate forced to leave Marik behind after being told by Marik to lead the Black Knights in his absence and the heavy responsible that was place upon him had often take a huge toll on him causing him mentally breakdown making him feel extremely guilty and blame himself in regret when he fail to protect those closed to him. This cause him to recklessly venture off to assassinated Charles after the second Battle of Tokyo Settlement to put end to Charles' Ambition and fight against Vector's Britannia Army after the Invasion of Pendragon until Domoto, Lelouch and Suzaku stop him and calm him down and snap him out of it regain his sense. Afterward When Leon eventually gains the confidence to think for himself and no longer concerns himself with meeting other people's expectations, his true qualities as a leader begin to shine and takes responsibility for a better future for the world and eventually accepted taking the mantle of Zero resolved to do everything in his power in maintain peace for the world.

Despite this change, Leon still maintains a sense of humor while acting the New Zero which he often uses as a defense mechanism in dangerous situations. This also has the functional tendency to agitate his opponents, which therefore makes them more susceptible to attack and oblivious to their impending demise. His wisecracking nature can cause him to appear unprofessional or childish, with his humor also extending itself to his allies as he often inadvertently provokes annoyance or irritation in them, to the point that Domoto remarks that most members of the Knights of Union barely "tolerate" him.

Character Planning History[]

Character Outline[]

Leon was born on January 1st, 2000 a.t.b. as Leonardo di Britannia the son of the 2nd Prince of Britannia, Vector zi Britannia, and the late Imperial Consort Erina di Britannia who from Japanese descent, making Leon the Thirteenth Prince of the 2nd Line of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Character History[]



Marik di Britannia[]

Marik and Leon shared a strong bond as Brothers and both they care for each other. Being the Younger Twin Leon is immature and laid back in comparison to his more aloof and serious older twin Marik despite these differences they are very closed even after the two of them were separated from each other and haven't seen each other for six years since then.

However, When Marik abandon the Black Rebellion to rescue Liana and entrust Leon to lead the Black Knights while he goes rescue Liana. Leon felt extreme pressure and feel that he not up for task to lead the Black Knights to victory instead went after him to Kaminejima but ultimately force to abandon Marik when he was place as Suzaku's mercy.

At the Battle of Babel Tower, Leon was furious at Marik for abandoning the Black Rebellion and forcing him taking the responsibility in leading Black Knight in absent due to him no confidence of leading the Black Knights and had to.

Liana di Britannia[]

Liana is Leon's younger sister and the two of them were very closed as children.

The Order of the White Knights[]

Lelouch vi Britannia[]

Lelouch is Leon's Half Brother. Lelouch is shown to care deeply about Leon however due to their different ideology as Leon choose to fight against Britannia while Lelouch want to change it within.

Suzaku Kururugi[]

Leon and Suzaku were very closed friend.

Britannian Royal Family[]

The Order of the Black Knights[]

Kallen Kozuki[]

Leon became friends with Kallen shortly after Japan was conquered by Britannia and He introduce himself as Leon Tenjo using his mother maiden name the two instantly became closed friends though She often criticized him for acting to carefree. Unknown to Kallen Leon has develop strong feeling for Kallen during the time they spend together.

However he began to distant himself from Kallen and the others after the death of Kallen's stepfather Jo Kozuki and Toshiro Shirokuma. However they reunited during the Shinjuku Incident and then at Ashford Academy. Although their relationship became distant since then however when Kallen and Leon become fellow member of the Black Knights when Kallen question his motivation being part of the Black Knights which he explained he doesn't want anymore people to suffered and died because of Britannia.

Rai Sakuragi[]

Benio Akagi[]

Leon met Benio in the grand opening of the Yokohama Settlement and save her from being bullied by Britannia Students. When Benio ask why Leon save her which Leon answer she remind him of his younger sister Liana


Amy Shirokuma[]

Amy was younger sister of Toshiro notable for her kind and nurturing personality. She harbor strong romantic feeling for Leon and deep concern for his well being as she often express her concern about him.


Leon physical prowess is top-notch. He possesses superior hand-eye coordination.

Piloting Skills & Knightmare Engineering[]

Leon was considered as one of the best Knightmare Pilots and is known for his unique way of piloting a Knightmare.

Code Artes[]




  • "Regardless of the means to achieved the desired result In order embrace the Future we must do whatever it takes to achieve it or there will no be Future."
  • "The reason I fight is for a future where people can live together in peace."
  • (To Marik) "Stop acting this way because of Liana is dead I'm tired of you hearing you say that you did everything for Liana's sake the more hear you say that the more I believe that you just making excuses you have to continue fighting sake for everyone we love not just Liana"


Succession and Precedence[]