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General Characteristics
Codename Leopard
Unit type Prototype Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Herschel & Son GmbH
Operator Eurasian Union
Dimensions Overall Height: 5.04 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 8.25 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark IV)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Mono-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Hoverjet Propulsion System
Standard Armament
  • 4 x Slash Harken
  • 2 x Blitz Sword
  • 1 x Blitz Rifle
  • Konrad Heydrich

The Leopard is a seventh-generation Knightmare frame utilized by the Eurasian Union in Code Geass Megiddo. It is notably the personal Knightmare of General Konrad Heydrich, commander of the infamous Stormtrooper Korps.


The Knightmare version of the Galbaldy Alpha from MS-X. It is colored in the Stormtrooper standard dunkelgrau.


Developed by Herschel & Son as their contender for Eurasia's seventh-generation Knightmare Frame, the Leopard is a highly advanced design. Like its opposite number, the Krauss-Clement Loewe, as well as the Britannian Lancelot, the Leopard is equipped with a sakuradite infused frame that grants it far higher performance than preceding generations. Said performance is further augmented by its higher powered Yggdrasil drive. Though somewhat underpowered compared to other seventh-generation types, the drive is nonetheless substantial, and even allows the Leopard to utilize blitz weaponry.

Following in line with the preceding Baer, the Leopard forgoes standard landspinners for a set of leg-mounted hoverjets, which allow it to obtain "ground effect" mobility. The fact the Leopard doesn't need to physically touch the ground to move means it can transverse terrains that would otherwise be impossible for landspinner equipped Knightmare Frames. Further on, the Leopard is capable of powerjumping through this same jet propulsion.

For armaments, the Leopard's arsenal is based specifically on that of the Lancelot, featuring four slash harkens on its forearms and hips, two blitz swords on cockpit mounts and a handheld blitz rifle. With these armaments combined with the unit's "ground effect" mobility, the Leopard is an effective higher mobility machine, capable of evading and outflanking much of its opposition with ease. Unfortunately Herschel's understanding of blitz technology would prove to be less than adequate, resulting in the swords and rifle holding far less in the way of power and energy charge when compared to those on the Loewe.


Being Herschel & Son's entry into the Eurasian Army's next-generation Knightmare competition, the Leopard would directly contend with Krauss-Clement's Loewe. Just as the latter machine was piloted by General Joachim Rommel, the renowned "Desert Lion" and Eurasia's chief commander in North Africa, the Leopard would be piloted by General Konrad Heydrich, commander of the far less renowned Stormtrooper Korps. After several trials, the final test would be a battle between the two machines and their pilots. Despite the Leopard's high performance level, it would ultimately prove inferior to the Loewe, just as Heydrich would prove inferior as a devicer to Rommel. As a result, both Rommel and the Loewe would claim victory, and the Army would select the latter unit to serve as the basis of its next-generation Knightmare Frame.

Even so, this would not be the end of the Leopard. Despite the defeat, Heydrich would become enamored with his machine, and so would retain it as his personal Knightmare just as Rommel had done with the newly rechristened Koenigsloewe. However, whereas the Koenigsloewe would go on to enjoy much fame and fortune through combat in the North African Front, the Leopard would become far more infamous and reviled through its taking part in the Stormtrooper Korps' operations, which oftentimes include pacification activities against the Eurasian populace themselves. Painted in its Korps' dunkelgrau colors, the Leopard's appearance on the field would much serve as a harbinger of death, indicating General Heydrich's personal interest in the operations at hand.