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General Characteristics
Codename Liard
Unit type High Mobility Eighth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Krauss-Clement GmbH
Operator Eurasian Union
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.54 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 7.93 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark IV)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Mono-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
Standard Armament
  • 2 x Slash Harken
  • 2 x Blitz Sword
  • 2 x Blitz Vulcan
  • 1 x Blitz Carbine
  • Johannes Reiter
  • Shin Matsunaga
  • Gabriel Gefahr
  • Robert Gilliam

The Liard is a high mobility knightmare frame utilized by the Eurasian Union in Code Geass Megiddo.


As one can guess, the knightmare equivalent of the Gelgoog High Mobility Type from Mobile Suit Variations. Standard color is hellgrau, though for obvious reasons custom colored types exist.


A variation of the Loewe, which supplanted the Ritter series as Eurasia's mainline knightmare frames. As ace pilots were prioritized in the assignment of the Loewes and their machines were modified to fit their piloting style, a number of function-specific variants were created in a short period of time. One of these variants is the Liard (named for the offspring of a lion and a leopardess), which is equipped with lighter armor and higher powered landspinners for superior speed and mobility. Through these modifications, the Liard is effectively the fastest eighth generation knightmare frame in Eurasia's arsenal as well as an ideal rival for Britannia's equivalent, the Preston. This, of course, is at the cost of durability and ease of control, though because intended Liard pilots are of ace caliber, these are considered non-issues at best. To further compliment its emphasis on mobility, the Liard dispenses with the Loewe's original blitz rifle and instead utilizes a shorter barreled carbine, which is optimized for high speed hit-and-run tactics.


When the Eurasian Army began field testing its Loewe prototypes, it had already commissioned Krauss-Clement to develop variants of this powerful new knightmare frame. One of the first variants to be produced was the Liard, which was quickly distributed among Eurasia's ace unit, Kampfgruppe Chimera. Among noteworthy Liard devicers (as well as Chimera members) were Lieutenant Colonel Johannes "Crimson Lightning" Reiter, Colonel Shin "White Wolf" Matsunaga, Colonel Gabriel "Brown Fox" Gefahr, and Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Pale Horseman" Gilliam.