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Liliana Vergamon []


Liliana was a member of the Britannian military, as well as a member of the purist faction (though it is unclear how much was genuine racism and how much was an excuse to slaughter innocent people without punishment). She took part in many acts of mass murder, such as Shinjuko, Nakano and Asakusa. After being abandoned to die in the Devastation, Liliana defected to the Black Knights, and managed to secure a position in Zero Squadron. In spite of this, she is not well liked by her teammates, who tolerate her at best..


Liliana is a killer like the rest of Zero Squadron, but she goes far beyond most of them to the point where most want nothing to do with her. Her only friend is Marika Soresi, who she was friends with prior to the Devastation and their mutual defection. She possesses an intense love of bloodshed and destruction, taking part in numerous acts of mass murder, but at the same time is highly intelligent and philosophical. She sees herself as someone who does the difficult things so a better world can exist. After the Devastation, she transitioned far more easily than some of her fellow Britannians, and is intensely loyal to Zero. She also has a strong sense of pride, refusing to back down if sufficiently threatened.