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Target Commanded Notes
A squad of Royal Guard soldiers. Die N/A
Villeta Nu Get down from there. Failed due to Marik didn't make Eye Contact
Villeta Nu Give me your Knightmare
Unnamed male guard in front of Clovis' apartment. To let Lelouch pass into Clovis' base.
Clovis la Britannia To answer Lelouch's questions about Marianne's death:

"By whose hand was she slain?"

Kallen Kozuki To answer Lelouch's questions about Shinjuku.
Kallen Kozuki Forget about Shinjuku. Failed due to Limited Usage
Kallen Kozuki Go to Class Failed due to Limited Usage
Unnamed Teacher Teacher, please tell me the answers for tomorrow's test.
Same Unnamed Teacher Teacher, please tell me the answers for tomorrow's test. Failed due to usage limit
Sayoko Shinozaki To play the recording of Zero's message to Kallen at an indicated time Geass Offscreen
Jeremiah Gottwald Do everything in your power to let us go, your prisoner too.
Unnamed Female Student To make a cross-shaped mark on the wall every day at a specific time.
Two unnamed female Ashford Academy students Forget what you just saw."
Unnamed Sutherland Pilot I'd like to borrow your Sutherland, so hand it over.
Unnamed Rebel To give Marik's walkie-talkie to other rebels.
Unnamed Britannians bullying an Eleven hotdog seller "You're tired of beating up elevens now, aren't you?"
"Ignore any unusual activity during your watch."
Sonia Wood To let Lelouch and C.C. "sanitize" (search) her room
Shirley Fenette Forget that Marik is Zero and every that has happen and only remember Marik as fellow student council member and classmate.
C.C. "Don't go! C.C., remain at my side."
Unnamed Police Forces To confront Mao, hold him at gunpoint, shoot him if he tries to expose Marik's identity to them, and escort him and C.C. to safety.
Himself To forget about telling Suzaku to sneak into the church and disable the bomb while Marik distracts Mao.
Mao Never Speak Again.