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The Lord High Admiral is the professional head of the Britannian Royal Navy, serving as its commander-in-chief. Holders of the rank were usually members of the nobility or the Imperial House. The Lord High Admiral oversaw the Royal Navy's day to day administrative functions and long term strategic planning, so his duties mostly consisted of attending meetings and other bureaucratic work. Often times the Lord High Admiral was merely a figurehead while the actual task of leading the navy was carried out by the three chiefs. Occasionally some were known to have taken part in directly commanding major operations. The three chiefs of the branch—Lord of the Admiralty, Secretary of Naval Affairs, and Fleet Supreme Commander—carried out individual duties below him.

Known Lord High Admirals[]

Portrait Name Term of Office
Trevelyan His Excellency
The Baron Trevelyan
2002 2004
Torrington His Excellency
The Marquess Torrington
2004 2007
Oxford His Excellency
The Viscount Oxford
2007 2009
Lord High Admiral Nottingram His Excellency
The Baron Nottingram
2009 2013
Lord High Admiral Vincent His Highness
The Duke Vincent
2013 2017
Prince Johan His Royal Highness
Prince Johan