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Lucas Ni Britannia

The 5th prince of Britannia and Viceroy of Area 6. He has a twin brother namedArthur Ni Britannia. He is an ace knightmare pilot and an expert swordsman as well. Aside from his brother's strategizing skills, Lucas is arguably the most skilled out of the two.


Lucas wears an odd white outfit with black wristbands, a purple bottom and rope-like belt. He has spiky black hair and black eyes. He has a black sword strapped across his back. Most people often confuse him and his brother, but nonetheless, the one most noteable difference between the two is that Arthur back has a small scar going across his forehead and Lucas does not.


Lucas's personality is very unstable. He is usually a quiet, calm person who ususally thinks more about the safety of others more than anything else. He believes that fighting and conflict can draw people together,thus, his love for chess. He is also cheerful around family members and old friends. On the battlefield, though, he is anything but. In combat, Lucas is a sadistic, cold-blooded killer who leaves no remorse for his enemies. When he feels things are too boring, he sometimes kills his allies as well. This double personality may be a side effect of his Geass.


Lucas's Geass allows him to freely travel to different versions of the same reality that benefit him most. If such a reality does not exist, he will contract a raging headache. After he uses his geass, his eyes begin to bleed, just like his brother. He calls this Geass "The Presence".


Lucas's Geass


Lucas owns a knightmare named Susano'o. It is a prototype for an undeveloped model. The Susano'o has two Maser Vibration Swords that can interlock with each other. It also has a tri-hadron cannon that has not been tested yet. The Knightmare also features the ability to move at super-high speeds. Lucas's knightmare piloting skills are matched only by his brother, Arthur, but are still a force to be reckoned with.

GNX-Y901TW - Susanowo - Front View

The RPI-ZX/2 Susano'o


He has had experience with sword and other weapons but is not very good with firearms. He is able to decimate and entire army without even using his knightmare. The origin of his skills is currently unknown.