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Luciella sue Britannia

Luciella mir Britannia is the 9th Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Viceroy of Area 12. She is one of the remaining Imperial Family members after the Pendragon incident.


Luciella is quite a prankster when she was a young girl. Though her pranks are harmless, Lelouch often gets annoyed. Luciella grew up to be a fine Knightmare Frame pilot and swordsman. She has various skills like cooking, painting, singing, dancing, analyzing, problem solving etc. but what tops all of that skills is her skills in battle. She is good at acrobatics and can run very fast. She is also good in melee combat. She is like the 'perfect child' of the Imperial Family. Her Knightmare Frame is the Rosen Krone.


Luciella has sapphire blue hair that reaches down her waist and dark violet eyes. On her head is a silver crown wih the 'Chrono Sapphire'. The sapphire was Luciella's last reminder of her mother, Raphaela sue Britannia. She wears dark clothing.


Being a smart girl, Luciella is sometimes snobby. However, she doesn't look down on commoners. 


She is good in combat. She also has good tactical skills which is why she is chosen as the Viceroy of Area 12.


Luciella's Geass is 'The Memory'. Her geass allows her to view the victim's memories and retells them the painful memories they had. She can also create or destroy any memory she wishes. Though, it also has limitations as mentioned by C.C. She entered a contract with C.C when she was 13. The side-effect of her Geass is that every time she uses it, she loses a millionth of her life span. Having used this on hundreds of people since she joined the military, one can say that she lost a lot of her lifespan big time.

During the beggining of R2.[]

Luciella was ordered by Emperor Charles to spy on Lelouch to see if he has recovered his memories yet. She disguised as a student in Ashford Academy using the alias 'Lucy Lieutolu'.

Rosen Krone[]

Luciella's Knightmare is specially designed to match the latter's amazing acrobatic skills. Despite looking weak, her Knightmare is really strong. And because of it's slim design, the Rosen Krone moves 30x faster than a normal Knightmare.



Luciella's upper body in different angles and her full body.


Luciella's Knightmare fighting.