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"The new MBF-M11 Javelin is far superior over that of the UFN's short-lived Burai Kai Ni design, but not as good as their Type-05 Akatsuki or the Britannian introduced RPI-212B Vincent Ward. However, I do believe that with our experienced pilots behind them then they can make all the difference in a battle if it comes to that... "
―Newly Installed Senior Marshall Michael Manfredi, of the Orb Defense Forces, to that of former Eleventh Prince Lelouch vi Britannia during a briefing

The MBF-M11 Javelin is the first Knightmare Frame produced by the newly formed Morgenroete Engineering for the equally new Independent State of Orb before it rapidly formed into the new Kingdom of Orb. It is basically a superior so-called generation 5.5 version of the Holy Empire of Britannia's old standard Knightmare Frame the RPI-13 Sutherland that while not as good as the newer Type-05 Akatsuki of the Order of the Black Knights, or the RPI-212 Vincent Series of Britannia still quite capable when in the right hands or against older generation Knightmare Frames.


The new Javelin looks quite similar to that of RPI-13 Sutherland used by the Holy Empire of Britannia and its Armed Forces just with elements from advanced seventh-generation prototype Knightmare Frame Vincent and a bit of the first seventh-generation prototype Knightmare Frame Lancelot in its overall design. However, the most major difference is the new shoulders that sport a pair of six-shot missile launchers and a completely redone body that is quite different from the regular Sutherland.

At first, the Javelin is painted in what looked to be the standard blue colors of Britannia however this is the colors chosen for the Free Ashfordshire Battalion who fought for Europia during the early stages of the Second Great War. This was carried over when the Battalion became the Free Ashfordshire Knights who were the first to pilot the new Knightmare and then changed when the Independent Nation of Orb was formed along with its Defense Forces. From there on it would be painted in now standard white and blue colors of the new Orb Defense Forces.


The newly formed Morgenroete Engineering using the rebuilt and refitted Chinese Federation's secret Ying Zi Zuopin Factory to produce the new MBF-M11 Javelin Five Point Five Generation Mass-Produced Knightmare Frame for the Independent State of Orb and its new Orb Defense Forces. The new Knightmare used development data on the Mk5-R13P2 Silberritter used by Europia and development data drawn from the RPI-X212 Vincent Prototype originally captured then used by the Black Knights. Thanks in part to the data from the superior Seventh Generation Vincent used in its development the Javelin could be considered to be a true Generation 5.5 Knightmare design over the borderline Generation 5.5 design that is the hasty developed Type-11 Burai Kai Ni or the hastily converted and introduced RPI-209E Gloucester Full Production Type of Britanna.

The Javelin retained similar looks to that of the older RPI-13 Sutherland but with a vastly different body and shoulders, which is heavily based on that of the Vincent Prototype. It sports a smaller MEK-E1E Factsphere mounted in the forehead of the head giving it slightly improved sensor viability and range when compared to that of the Black Knight Burai Kai Ni. Meanwhile, its visored face is slightly based on the Silberritter. Outside of that, it retains a similar look to that of the Sutherland with only some very minor changes done to the frame's body that it took from the Vincent.

Its armor moves away from the Tungsten based metal of other common nightmare Frames but instead sports a Tungsten-Carbon Composite which had been so successful in the EU's own Sutherland clone, the Mk5-R13P2 Silberritter. This gives the Javelin a lower weight than that of other units making it a bit more maneuverable as a result of such a new armor scheme lowering its weight by nearly a ton over other older Knightmare Frames.

Meanwhile, its cockpit block is most likely one of the most advanced parts of the entire Knightmare being heavily based on that of the captured RPI-X212 Vincent Prototype with some elements from that of the Type-05 Akatsuki and Type-02 Guren Mark-II of the Order of the Black Knights. This allows the Javelin to equip a flight-unit to make capable of flying when required while also giving the Knightmare superior handling capabilities to that of earlier generation Knightmares.

The unit's Yggdrasil Drive is heavily based on that of the Mark-VII Yggdrasil Drive used in the RPI-X212 Vincent Prototype but tuned down for further mass production similar to that of the Mark-VIII Drive of the Vincent Ward. Combined with the sakuradite laced frame around the drive and in some parts of the Knightmare itself made it quite fluid in motion almost on par with that of earlier Seventh Generation prototype designs.

Finally, the Javelin retains a version of the Type-P2A Arm-Mounted Shields that is a piece of optionable piece of equipment developed for the Burai Kai Ni. The brand new MEK-D2E Shields mounted on the Javelin does not just expand to twice its size but instead sports a Radiant Wave Shield Emitter built into its front giving vastly superior protection ability to that of the Burai Kai Ni. However, as a result, it only really retains one of the shields to make it easier to produce in large numbers. Though some units do sport two shields on either arm when it is required including the first production type.

Overall, the Javelin is a decent Knightmare Frame design that allowed the newly independent Orb to keep itself independent from that of the three main superpowers.


Handheld Weapons[]

MEW-R1 25mm Anti-Knightmare Battle Rifle

The Javelin sports an entirely new design rifle as its main ranged weapon that is somewhat based on a new experimental EU infantry battle rifle the XM-13 Assault Rifle. Thanks in part to lessons learned in the development of the T35M820 20mm Compact Assault Rifle the new MEW-R1 Battle Rifle is vastly superior and sports the ability for single-shot fire or fully automatic fire. Like the XM-13 the MEW-R1 can be equipped with an optional attachable anti-knightmare grenade launcher below the weapon's barrel. Also, thanks to the materials it is made out of, it is far lighter than a typical Knightmare Rifle, therefore, easier to handle in combat.

MEW-R3 30mm Anti-Knightmare Heavy Battle Rifle

The larger MEW-R3 Heavy Battle Rifle is an optional ranged weapon option for the Javelin that is basically a cloned version of the Japanese designed and produced Type-10/AR2 Heavy Rifle used in limited numbers by Type-1R Burai of the Japanese Liberation Front and those used by Kyoto House directly. The MEW-R3 increases the size of the rifle a bit and uses a larger round but due to the same lightweight materials used in the construction of the MEW-R1, it retains a similar weight to that of the Type-10/AR2 Rifle. It normally sports a regular single shot fire mode, which can often destroy an enemy knightmare in one shot, and a dedicated three-shot firing mode.

MEW-R4 30mm Anti-Knightmare Sniper Rifle

A longer single-barreled version of the MEW-R3 Heavy Battle Rifle that is developed for long range sniping of enemy knightmares. It sports the same round as the MEW-R3 Rifle but due to the longer barrel can fire at longer ranges when combined with the attached dedicated sensor unit on top of the rifle which operates similar to that of a regular knightmare factsphere. As a result, this rifle is far more expensive then any other rifle used by the Javelin, therefore, is not normally used by Javelin all that much.

MEW-R5 30mm Anti-Knightmare Shotgun

An interesting weapon developed on the request of former Knight of Zero pilot Sosuke Sagara who is an avid mid-range combat pilot, therefore, preferred the rare KMF-M3A2 Anti-Knightmare Shotgun in use by some Britannian Knightmare pilots over that of standard Anti-Knightmare Assault Rifles. Hence, Morgenroete Engineering would introduce the MEW-R5 30mm Anti-Knightmare Shotgun, for his use, which is a lighter, slightly larger version of the KMF-M3A2. It sported a five-round magazine and can fire a couple of different types of shells, including standard slug rounds, an explosive round, and a birdshot-like cluster round.

MEW-B2 40mm Heavy Bazooka

For general light anti-ship combat, anti-air, or heavy knightmare combat the Javelin can equip the heavy MEW-B2 Heavy Bazooka which is generally just a cloned version of the Japanese developed Type-06A1 Bazooka. Unlike the Japanese Bazooka, it can be either arm-mounted or held regularly like any other handheld weapon. It also retains the ability to fire either regular heavy slug rounds or for anti-air flak rounds. This weapon is mainly used for combating heavier enemy knightmare frames or general anti-air.

MEW-B3 40mm Anti-Ship Cannon

To assault enemy ships, either in the air, on the ground, or in the water, the Javelin can be equipped with the MEW-B3 Anti-Ship Cannon which is basically a MEW-B2 Heavy Bazooka with a longer barrel and a slightly more powerful round. Using this cannon a Javelin can attack enemy warships and destroying them with a couple shots of this powerful weapon.

MEW-C2 Combat Lance

An interesting weapon that Morgenroete Engineering produced to replace the handful of remaining Type-10/S2 Radiant Wave Lances used mainly by pilots in the new Knights of Zero and inherited by the short-lived Free Ashfordshire Knights. Since Morgenroete and Orb did not have the parts or know-how to produce these weapons they decided to do something a bit different with this weapon. Instead of using Radiant Wave technology to destroy an enemy unit it instead used a hardened tip magnetically accelerated into an enemy unit before retracting back into the weapon to destroy an enemy unit. At its core, this weapon is basically a non-Radiant Wave version of the Type-10/S2 Lances. Still, it would pave the way for the far more powerful MEW-C5 Anti-Knightmare Lance that would give the newer MBF-M12 Lancer its name.

MEW-C1 Anti-Knightmare Knife

A smaller more controllable close combat weapon that is made out of hardened carbon with a very thin monocular wire wrapped around the edge to give it the ability to pierce enemy armor. However, it is usually only used for sneak attacks or as an off-hand weapon in close combat with an enemy knightmare frame. Still a Javelin can equip more than a few of these weapons on it due to their small size and easier to handle than the MEW-C3 Anti-Knightmare Bladed Tonfas makes them more often in use.

Fixed Weapons[]

MEW-R2 10mm Anti-Infantry Machine Gun

Like the Sutherland and the Silberritter before it the Javelin retains an optional anti-infantry gun mounted on the Knightmare's torso section. For the Javelin this is the MEW-R2 gun which is pretty similar to the KMF-W3M2 Anti-Infantry Gun used by the Sutherland, but it sports the ability to traverse in a limited manner allowing it to serve as a sort of coaxial gun for the Knightmare when it is required.

MEW-S3 Slash Harkens

The MEW-S3 Slash Harkens are basically at their heart an improved version of the SaH200 Slash Harkens used by the Silberritter. They retain the hidden blade of the SaH200 but also have a vastly improved launched mechanism that makes it superior over any other Slash Harkens before it.

MEW-C3 Anti-Knightmare Bladed Tonfas

While officially an improved version of the Sutherland's own forearm mounted Tonfas these weapons are actually far superior for they sport a long blade that sports a monocular wire wrapped around its edge attached to the end of the tonfa. However, to allow the Javelin to equip this weapon it would have to give up one or both of its forearm mounted shields. Therefore it is often said a standard loadout for the Javelin would be one of the shields and a single Anti-Knightmare Bladed Tonfa on the other arm plus one of the assault rifles.

MEW-M1 6-Tube Missile Launcher

One major change introduced to the Javelin over that of both the Sutherland and the Siblerritter would be the built-in shoulder-mounted MEW-M1 6-Tube Missile Launchers which allowed the new Knightmare to sport the firepower to bring down heavier Knightmares and armored vehicles. It also gave the Javelin the ability to retain the ability to carry anti-air ordnance for aerial combat without weighing down the Knightmare with modular missile packs or launchers that other knightmares are normally equipped with when they are equipped for aerial combat.

MEW-M3 Triple Anti-Ship Missile Packs

A late addition to the armaments of the Javelin and is basically an Orb version of the Black Knight developed Type-07A4 Anti-Air Missile Packs used by their Type-05 Akatsuki series Knightmare. The only difference is that these missiles are heavier and geared for anti-ship combat. However, these packs are not commonly used by the Javelin unless anti-ship combat is needed in a mission.

MEW-G2 Anti-Knightmare Flak Grenades

Another major weapon used by the Sutherland that is improved upon for the use of the Javelin. The MEW-G2 Anti-Knightmare Flak Grenade is a vast improvement over that of the KMF-G1 Chaos Grenade first used by the RPI-13 Sutherland. For one it is no longer a direct thrown weapon but an actual rocket-propelled grenade. It sports a handle that is the actual launch unit and a small warhead with a centrally mounted single use rocket that propels the grenade forward. From there depending on the warhead it will explode spreading a cloud of flak or act similar to that of a Chaos Grenade.

System Features[]

MEK-LS3 Landspinner Mobility Package

This new MEK-LS3 Landspinner Mobility Package like nearly everything on the Javelin is an improved version of a similar system on the old RPI-13 Sutherland. However, what is different with the MEK-LS3 System is that it has some improvements introduced by Eighth Generation Knightmare Frames including a shorter change from aerial movement with a Float System equipped to that of ground movement. It also sports an interesting ability to discard the Landspinners if they are damaged in any way a system not found in the Sutherland.

MEK-E1E Lightweight Secondary Factsphere

While the main sensors are actually located within the head's visor it retains a secondary factsphere for more dedicated sensor scans and as a means for long-range scanning ability. It also improves sensor viability and range of the Javelin when compared to other Knightmares like the Type-11 Burai Kai Ni.

MEK-E2B Dual-Eye Sensor and Camera Package

A similar system found on the Europia Silberritter that is not really all that improved thanks to no real need to improve a viable working system. The only difference is a slight improvement to its range and a bit more close-range focus for its camera systems.

MEK-F4A Air Glide Wing Backpack

Unlike the vast majority of other weapons and equipment on the Javelin Morgenroete decided not to clone a Britannia Float System or work on their own flight system instead cloning the Air Glide Wing technology from that of the Black Knights as that is what Morgenroete had the most data on after all. Therefore, the MEK-F4A Air Glide Wing Backpack is basically a direct clone of the Type-F2D Air Glide Wing System used by Black Knight knightmares just with a slight modification in the longer wings and a slight larger distance between the two sets of wings. This was to give the Javelin better stability while in the air and better short-range aerial maneuverability.

MEK-D2E Forearm Mounted Defense Shield

A direct clone of the earlier developed Type-P2E Arm Shields used by the Type-11 Burai Kai Ni that only expands slightly less so and sports a single Radiant Wave Shield Emitter built into the front of the shield. This improves the defenses of the Javelin and is often only used on one arm of the Javelin though some make do with shields on both arms.

MEK-S1A Modular Storage Racks

An interesting piece of equipment carried over from that of the Mk6-W0X Alexander Series that is basically a storage rack built into the bottom of the knightmare's cockpit block. This can be easily configured to store a backup rifle, ammo magazines for the knightmare's rifle, or even carrying a few MEW-G2 Grenades. Still, it is often configured to carry two extra magazines for a handheld rifle, and a trio of MEW-G2 Grenades.


MBF-M11/F4 Javelin Flight Type[]

Not really a variant of the Javelin but is simply a regular Javelin equipped with the MEK-F4A Air Glide Wing Backpack allowing it to be used in aerial combat. It is thanks in part to the use of the development data from the Vincent Prototype and data from the custom regular RPI-13 Sutherland used by newly defected Jeremiah Gottwald during the Black Knight Operation to destroy the Geass Order that saw this unit using an Air Glide Wing system instead of a typical Float Unit. The resulting combined unit is quite an aerial combat unit capable of easily maneuvering in flight and dash-like attacks.

MBF-M11U Sea Javelin[]

The MBF-M11U Sea Javelin is an interesting variant that uses some data drawn from the Chawla Design Bureau in their attempt to create an aquatic version of the Type-05 Akatsuki to combat the Holy Empire of Britannia's Portman series aquatic knightmares. The result would be a totally redesigned Javelin that incorporates a new system called the Scale System which is dozens of scales that vibrate at a high frequency allowing the Sea Javelin to easily move through water when combined with variable hydro thrusters built into the sides of the cockpit block. For weapons, the Sea Javelin is equipped with a modular launching system built-in the shoulders which can be loaded with a variety of different types of weapons mainly with mini-torpedoes along with a pair of high-frequency knives built into the forearms of the Knightmare. The combined motive system allows the Sea Javelin to be quite maneuverable making it far superior over the Britannian Portman series of aquatic knightmares and a bit over the new Type-06U Uzumaki of the Black Knights.

MBF-M11E Scout Javelin[]

An interesting variant of the Javelin is the Scout Javelin which does away with its shoulder-mounted missile launchers replacing them with various bits of extra sensors and cameras to allow for long range scouting. The Scout Javelin also sports a built-in MEK-F4C Air Glide Wing System built into the back of the cockpit block allowing it to easily move about anywhere. Thanks in part to these advanced sensors and cameras the Scout Javelin is often equipped with a specially modified MEW-R4E Sniper Rifle. It is also equipped with an interesting foldable cloak that can be thrown over the Knightmare and hide it from the enemy by the way of shifting to several different color configurations allowing for a chameleon-like effect when the cloak is equipped. This allows it to easy to hide and scout ahead of the main force when it is required. However, as a result of all this extra equipment and the Scout Javelin is only produced in small numbers.

MBF-M11S Royal Javelin[]

The Royal Javelin is by far one of the more expensive of the different Javelin variants thanks in part to it being built to Eighth Generation specifications complete with a Sakuredite-Laced Inner Frame and a completely new MED-M8 Eighth Generation Yggdrasil Drive which is nearly thirty percent larger than the older MED-M7 Drive of the regular Javelin. Thanks to this these units are assigned to the Royal Knights of Orb, a group of Orb's premier elite Knightmare Frame pilots. For weapons, these knightmares are often seen equipped with more ornate MEW-C4 Advanced Combat Lances in one hand and a larger knightly looking MEK-D3A Forearm-Mounted Shield on the opposite forearm making them actually resemble ancient knights of old.

These white and silver frames are often seen guarding the new Royal Palace Orb and directly protect the newborn royal family of the small nation. They can also be spotted alongside the overall leader of the Royal Knights of Orb Dame Commander Kallen Kouzoki and her own ORB-02/SP1 Guren Special advanced Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame. For example, when the newly crowned King Lelouch Lamperouge met with representatives of the United Federation of Nations on the neutral island of Midway Island the four Royal Javelins flying escort of the King's transport shuttle were lead directly by Dame Commander in her crimson Guren Special.

MBF-M11SL Loyal Javelin[]

The Loyal Javelin is an interesting variant of the Javelin that was personally requested by the cyborg Jeremiah Gottwald personal knight of honor of Queen Millicent Lamperouge. It is based on the earlier Royal Javelin but Knight Gottwald was personally involved in its design which saw an outright difference in its design. First of all, it is equipped with two MEK-D3C Forearm Mounted Shields that while sport a trio of radiant wave shield emitters built into them can also be combined into a larger shield that sports a full-on MEW-X1 Hadron Cannon. It is also equipped with a larger pair of shoulder-mounted MEW-M2 ten-tube missile launchers and a regular MEW-R3 Heavy Assault Rifle for Knight Jeremiah was quite impressed with the weapon. It was first used by Jeremiah when Queen Millicent returned briefly to newly reformed United States of Japan after the Midway Conference settled the differences between Orb and the United Federation of Nations to visit some close friends of hers. The Loyal Javelin, alongside two other Royal Javelins, would escort the Queen's Shuttle to Japan. On the way back to Orb the Loyal Javelin would prove itself in combat when elements of the Japan Revolutionary Army, former members of the defunt Japan Liberation Front, tried to intercept the shuttle of the Queen after it took off from the Shinagawa Seaside Airport. The Loyal Javelin easily managed to destroy several of the attacking Burai Kai Ni knightmares by itself before directly protecting the shuttle with its overpowered shield units when the leader of the JRA Major Bandou Shin tried attacking the shuttle directly which saw the major killed when Jeremiah counterattacked.


Independent State of Orb/Kingdom of Orb - Orb Defense Forces[]

Thanks to being developed for the newly formed State of Orb they would use the lion share of the produced Javelins and would sport somewhere around three to four hundred examples of the Knightmare over the years since its first introduction. At first the new Kingdom organized its first built Javelins into six different action companies of eighteen knightmares spread across the island nation to protect it from any foe. The rest would be assigned to the recently introduced Aegis Class Aerial Carriers which would be used in helping their carrier in protecting the skies of the new nation. However, right before the start of the Third Great War the Javelin would be replaced by the Kingdom's brand-new Eighth Generation Knightmare Frame design, the MBF-M12 Lancer. The remaining Javelins would remain in rear line positions in the Orb Ground Defense Forces or sold to other allied powers including the Confederacy of Australia and the Independent Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Confederacy of Australia - Confederacy Self Defense Forces[]

After the MBF-M12 Lancer was introduced to the Orb Defense Forces the Orb government would start selling their older Javelins to the Confederacy to replace their aging RPI-11 Glasgows and TQ-19 Gun Rus. The Confederacy would organize these newer knightmares into dedicated squadrons spread across the western shores of the Australian Continent to supplement the TK-13 Ashigaru sold to them by the United Federation of Nations.

Independent Republic of the Marshall Islands - Civil Defense Forces[]

Thanks to its recent independence from Britannia the new Republic of the Marshall Islands and its Defense Forces were desperate for any help in defending itself from any further aggression from any larger power. The result of which Orb would sell the Marshall Islands Javelins even before they were retired from service of the Orb Defense Forces which saw numerous Marshall Island-born Knightmare Pilots at Orb to be trained in piloting their new machines. As they would be quite different from anything they had piloted or crewed in the past as the Marshall Island Resistance Forces never had any source of knightmares.

Peacemark Terrorist Network - The Wizards Cell[]

A few Javelins somehow ended up in the hands of the Peacemark Terrorist Network who would use them alongside refitted Sutherlands in their various supported cells around the world. One particular Cell using Javelins would be the Cell known as the Wizard Cell which was fighting against Britannia in its captured Northern African Territories. These more advanced Knightmares would be quite a useful tool for the Terrorist Cell and they would be used quite well in their fight against the Empire.

Serpent Tail Mercenary Team[]

Another Javelin managed to fall into the hands of the Serpent Tail Mercenary Team who would use this unit alongside a pair of refitted Generation 5.5 Sutherland Knightmares. It would become the personal stead of the leader of the Team the Blue Serpent himself Gai Murakumo and would be painted in his personal colors. It is said that this particular Javelin is actually a Royal Javelin, or refitted from a regular Javelin to the standards of a Royal Javelin due to its ability in combat compared to regular Javelins. The Blue Serpent would use his Javelin in a couple of jobs with the Britannian Royal Shell Mining Company in wilds of Australian Continent and even a job for the United Federation of Nations protecting the still building Giga-Float Mobile Spaceport Facility.


The MBF-M11 Javelin is basically a stopgap design that was built by newly formed Morgenroete Engineering to use in the defense of the newly formed Independent State of Orb. Thanks to a large amount of resources and parts stockpiled by the Chinese Federation at their Ying Zi Zuopin Factory on the island these Knightmares would rapidly be built in large numbers. However, once these resources and parts were used up Morgenroete Engineering would then have to gather their own resources through either mining them or buying them from elsewhere. It was only then that Morgenroete would start production of a second production bloc of Javelins while they started development of a true eighth-generation Knightmare Frame of their own design. Until then the Javelin remained the standard Knightmare of choice for the new Orb Defense Forces.

It was only when the new MBF-M12 Lancer was introduced by Morgenroete that would see the Javelin being phased out nearly six years after their introduction. Even then they would remain in rear line service of the Orb Defense Forces for another year or so and in service of allied powers of several years even past that becoming one of the more top-of-line knightmares in service of the smaller nations in the Pacific Ocean. Overall, the Javelin was quite an interesting design even if it was a stopgap design for it was a functional and rugged design that would see a lot of the elements from its design being introduced into the new Lancer along with a couple of other different new Knightmare designs independently developed by other nations in the years to come.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The MBF-M11 Javelin is based visually on the UPI-13 Sutherland II from the Code Geass: Re;surrection movie while its Loyal Javelin Variant is based on the Sutherland Loyal also from the Re;surrection movie.
  • The model numbers and a bit of the background of the Javelin are actually carried over from the MBF-M1 Astray Mobile Suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime series.