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"The MBF-M12 Lancer is Orb's entry into the Eighth Generation of Knightmare Frames which makes it the late contender of the set but it is bar none of the superior mass produced knightmares in the world right now... "
―Said by Erica Simmons, spokesperson for Morgenroete Engineering, during a speech introducing the new Knightmare Frame to the Orb Defense Forces

The MBF-M12 Lancer is the very late third mainline Mass-Produced Eighth Generation Knightmare Frame and becomes the main unit used by the Orb Defense Forces in the few months before and during the Third Great War. It is said to be one of the most superior mass-produced knightmare frames in the world currently due to the extra time of development leading to further introduction and development of new technologies including the Ninth Generation Yggdrasil Drive.


The new MBF-M12 Lancer looks remarkably like a Britannian RPI-209 Gloucester and an RPI-212A Vincent Commander had been mixed together to create a whole new body type for the new knightmare. It takes elements from both designs along with some new elements like the more knightly look to its body and armor though sporting a head inspired by the old Gloucester.

When the Lancer was first deployed it was under the control of the Royal Knights of Orb who painted their new first production Lancers in a white and light gray scheme that they had previously painted their Royal Javelins in completed with a golden bird-like emblem that has become the emblem of the Lamparouge Royal Family. It also sported a light blue mantle/cape that was mounted under the shoulders giving it a more knightly appearance. This mantle/cape would be retained by Lancers later used by the regular Orb Defense Force as part of their parade ground colors. These later produced Lancers would sport the regular white and light blue colors of the Orb Defense Forces.


Overall, the new Lancer is quite an interesting new design for Knightmare Frames having a sort of Knightly Appearance that really made it look quite distinguished compared to the slim-looking Type-05A Akatsuki of the Order of the Black Knights and the simple looking RPI-212B Vincent Wards of the Holy Empire of Britannia. While the body design was quite notably different from any other Knightmare Frame other elements of the design were taken from other knightmare designs including the RPI-209 Gloucester and the RPI-212A Vincent Commander. Mostly in the head and torso areas with the head greatly resembling the head of a Gloucester.


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