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The Pre-Production Prototype of the Maleagant Catalyst's Mass Production Knightmare Frames, it is later upgraded into a Commander Unit for Maliant Metros Squads.


MP-01 Meliant[]


  • Experimental Mass Production Specials Ops Command Knightmare Frame created by the Du Loc Organization


  • Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler



Weapons and Defences:[]

  • 4x Slash Hook Harken with Harken Boosters, it is actually a detachable device with its own high speed float unit codenamed Slash Mazer (1x Hadron gun and 2x Maser Vibration Blade each)
  • 2x Dark Blue Colored Maser Vibration Sword,
  • 2x Hadron gun, retractable, mounted in forearms
  • 1x Wireless Slash Spike Harken Backpack System, contains 3x Large Harken Spike (8x Hadron gun each and the material can pierce through most Armour) and 8x Small Harken Spear (2x Hadron gun each, 1x MVS Spike on the nose of weapon)
  • Energy Siphon field, designed to absorb energy attacks or energy of projectiles and add them to the energy filler
  • 2x Energy Siphon Whip that can heat up and slice through amour or electrocute ammunition/weaponry and cause it to explode stored in each wrist shield

Other Equipment:[]

  • 2x Factsphere sensor in shoulders
  • 2x Particle Fan Energy Recharge System, it charges particles in the air and then absorbs them, located in back shoulders
  • Landspinner propulsion system
  • Integrated Float System
  • Equipped with Gefjun Disruptor, provides electronic stealth and regulates Hadron cannons
  • Optical Camoflage
  • Neo-Druid system analysis complex

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