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The Mass Production version of the Maleagant Catalyst Knightmare Frame, used in Special Operations and known for a number of Special Operation Abilities


MP-01 Meliant[]



  • Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler



Weapons and Defences:[]

  • 4x Slash Hook Harken with Harken Boosters, it is actually a detachable device with its own high speed float unit codenamed Slash Mazer (1x Hadron gun and 2x Maser Vibration Blade each)
  • 2x Dark Blue Colored Maser Vibration Sword,
  • 2x Hadron gun, retractable, mounted in forearms
  • Energy Siphon field, designed to absorb energy attacks or energy of projectiles and add them to the energy filler

Other Equipment:[]

  • 2x Factsphere sensor in shoulders
  • 2x Particle Fan Energy Recharge System, it charges particles in the air and then absorbs them, located in back shoulders
  • Landspinner propulsion system
  • Integrated Float System
  • Equipped with Gefjun Disruptor, provides electronic stealth and regulates Hadron cannons
  • Optical Camoflage

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