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A Limited Production Amphibious/Aerial Knightmare Frame with capabilities on taking runs against entire Fleets, it has incredible firepower however limited Close-Range weaponry, it was designed off the IFX-P2000 Ariel's Cannon Fortress Mode.


Production History[]

This unit was allowed a production limit of 5000 alongside its brother unit: the MP-04 Trident, in that time it was used by Maximillion's forces to quickly overwhelm all enemies before him, causing a reign of terror in its short existance.


MP-03 Diver[]


  • Limited Production Amphibious/Aerial Knightmare Frame


  • Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler


  • Limited Production 8th Generation Knightmare Frame



  • 2x MVS Blue Shortsword - located on lower back, coloured blue compared to the traditional red.
  • 2x Large VARIBR (Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Buster Rifle) – Located on right arm and on the Left Arm when equiped, while not as powerful as the Ariel 's own it still has enough power to pierce even through shields and amazing range, unlike the VARIS however it has built in fans which gathered Charged Particles which are then made bullet shape in the barrel to replace bullets and give it endless firepower.
  • 1x Charged Particle Cannon – A Cannon that is located at the centre of the Chest within the front of the Frame's armour, able to take out an entire Celtic-Class Dreadnought in a single shot, after use however the Knightmare has little time remaining in conflict as it requires to gain distance and recharge its batteries through use of the Charged Particle Intake Valve.
  • 2x 35 salvox6 load each Missile Launchers, the missiles can function as both missiles or torpedos, located on lower legs
  • 2 x 220mm 6-barrel missile pod, the missiles can function as both missiles or torpedos, mounted on shoulders

Other Equipment:[]

  • 2x Factsphere sensor in Knightmare Frame Head and Charged Particle Cannon
  • 2x Particle Intake Valve - A group of Particle Fan Energy Recharge Systems, it charges particles in the air and then absorbs them, located in back shoulders.
  • Landspinner propulsion system
  • Integrated, internal Float System
  • Equipped with Gefjun Disruptor, provides electronic stealth and regulates Hadron cannons
  • Spherical shapped Blaze Luminous Particle Shield
  • Submerging Capabilities

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