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Manifest Destiny is a collection of resistance cells within the Homeland of Britannia, both North and South. The groups overall goal is the elimination of the Britannian Royal Family and the destruction of the aristocratic and number system's, and the establishment of a "Grand Republic" upon the continent. Membership into the group is very slow at some points, this has led to shortage of members in specific and necessary positions, but this is mitigated with the assistance of Black Knight members. Manifest Destiny does not use knightmare frames created by any of the world military's, and instead create their own from scratch to place a noticeable line of differance between Britannia and their "Vision for America", they are of course provided materials for their projects.Their logo is a musket crossing with a lighting bolt, with three stars surrounding them, the stars represent Liberty, Justice, and Hope.


Important Members

  • Liam Grayson-(Founder, Leader)
  • Caitlyn Hawkins-(Founder, Adviser)
  • Vanessa Cobbs-(Second-in-Command)
  • David Graves-(Chief of Continental Army)
  • Sabrina Winton-(Research & Development)
  • Albert Ashton-(Intelligence & Interrogation)
  • Gage Patton-(Assassination & Subterfuge)


Knightmares created and used by Manifest Desiny.

*BK-Black Knight

*ACP-American Continental Panzer

  • ACP-001 "Minuteman"
  • ACP-002 "Patriot"