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Her Cameo in the Fanfic TV Series

Melissabeth di Britannia
Full Name: Melissabeth di Britannia
Nicknames: Melliebeth
Aliases: "Peace of the Land"
Age: 15(Portrait of Despair)

16(Harmony of Ruin)

Birth Date: a.t.b. July 12,55(C.E.)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Britannian

Holy Britannian Empire
Ashford Academy
Knights of Round

Additional Information
Rank: Knight
Knightmare Frames:
CB-003 Justice
Real World
First Appearance: Page 1(Manga only)
Last Appearance: Page 1000(Manga only)
Created By: Ruri Tenpouin
Voiced By: Yukana(JAP)

Michelle Ruff(ENG)

Other Info:
Universe: Cosmic Era

Melissabeth di Britannia(メリッサベス·ディ·ブリタニア/Merissabesu· di· buritania) is a Fictional Character in the Manga Series Code Geass: Portrait of Despair - Advent Child.

Code Geass: Portrait of Despair - Advent Child[]

Code Geass: Portrait of Despair[]

Her Cameo is in Episode 1.