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EFC-4450 or Codename: Michael is the first of the Archangel-class of Knightmare frames designed by Professor Bartholome Vettra. It is also one of the strongest Archangels used by the Knights of the Holy Order. It was first used by Marco Testarossa and was later used by Gregory Anselm.

Name and Operational History[]

Michael is named after the Christian Angel who was believed to be the Commander of the Armies of God. It first saw battle in the Battle of Cairo which gave Chancellor Testarossa one of his most decisive victories during the late chancellor's career. It's performance far outclassed several developing Knightmare frames of those days and can be compared to a sixth-generation. The model would later be used as the basis for the development of other Archangel-class such as the Remiel and the Metatron. Further developments were made by Gregory and Bartholome which later improved the performance of the said Knightmare. Gregory used it once when he faced and defeated Knight of Eight, Sir Adam Rathbourne in a skirmish in an undisclosed location shortly before the end of the EU-Britannian conflict.

Weapons and Special Features[]

2013 Features:

  • Flying boosters
  • Sword of Heaven: A longsword used by the Michael for close quarter combat. It is wielded by the Michale's right hand. Comparable to a MVS sword used by Sir Bismarck Waldstein's Galahad.
  • Shield of Heaven: A small shield which uses a highly dense titanium alloy
  • 2x2 Shoulder Heat seeking missiles
  • Left and Right Hand built-in Machine guns.

2018 Features:

  • Flying Boosters
  • Sword of Heaven II: A more powerful version of the first Sword of Heaven. Unlike the former which uses MVS technology, the new sword employs laser cutting edge technology which was believed to be able to cut through Blaze Luminous shields.
  • Shield of Heaven II: Improved version of the Michael's shield. Aside from the alloy, it also uses highly charged ion particles to endure blows. Bartholome mentioned
  • 2x2 Shoulder Heat Seeking Missiles
  • Left and Right Hand built-in Machine guns.
  • Chest Particle Cannon
  • Overdrive Mode
  • Aerial Defensive Countermeasures
  • 7x4 Electroshock Grappling Taser