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Class Mikasa
Ships of the Line
  • BKS Mikasa
  • BKS Hiei
  • BKS Fuji
  • BKS Kongou
  • BKS Katsuragi
  • BKS Haruna
  • BKS Aoba
  • BKS Kinugasa
  • BKS Atago
  • BKS Takao
  • BKS Chokai
  • BKS Maya
  • BKS Myoko
  • BKS Haguro
Unit type Mobile Cruiser
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 230 meters
  • Overall Width: Unknown
  • Overall Height: Unknown
Weight 40,000+ metric tons
Equipment and Design Features
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Gefjun Disturber
  • Inaba Drive System
  • 6 x Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • 10 x Close-In Weapon System
  • 90 x Missile Launcher
Units Carried
  • 72 x Knightmare Frames

The Mikasa-class mobile cruiser is a vessel utilized by the Order of the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo. It is the mainline warship utilized by the Order.


The overall design is based on the Lesseps-class land battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, but scaled down to cruiser size. Following its affiliation, she is colored in black.


Essentially a scaled down, more produceable version of the Black Knight flagship Izumo, the Mikasa-class was meant to be the backbone of the Order's mobile ship fleet. As a result, the Mikasa's overall design does not stray far from its parent, only having a slight reduction in armaments and somewhat lightened armor (such that it almost weighs half as much as the Izumo) while yet having similar performance levels. Likewise, the Mikasa is equipped with the highly effective Inaba Drive, allowing its line to effectively transverse the near entirety of the Earth (including open ocean), while also holding speed and maneuverability not normally seen with a warship. Also like the Izumo, the Mikasa is equipped with six hyper-velocity cannons as its primary armament, which allows it to attack targets several kilometers away, alongside mounted CIWS and VLS for closer-in fighting, and a mounted Gefjun Disturber for stealth capability.

As per the standard of modern day landships, the Mikasa is equipped with an immense hangar space that allows it to transport innumerable smallcraft (including an entire battalion of knightmare frames), making them effective carriers as well.


Developed directly after the flagship Izumo, the Mikasa-class would be produced in sufficient numbers and deployed to the Order's various army commands by the time the Black Knights at last entered the Great World War. Two of these cruisers, the Mikasa and the Hiei, would mark the class' debut at Pearl Harbor, where they, alongside the submarines Ryujin and Isonade, would intercept a Britannian relief force attempting to reach the besieged pacific basin. Following that victory, the rest of the line would quickly enter the fray, beginning with smaller scale actions against various Britannian units around the Pacific, but eventually going on to take part in the Red Rebellion and other such battles and campaigns thereafter.