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Mobile Suit Gundam: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a fan-made story, set in a Gundam-style alternate universe.


Upon discovering Sakuradite, the world was thrusted into what would come to be known as the Industrial Revolution. Technological success and industrial acceleration boomed. At its end, however, a startling discovery was made: a giant ship crash landed in Southern America, seemingly falling from the sky. Reverse engineering the technology found inside this ship, the world was thrusted into what became known the New Genesis era.

In NG 038, the world teeters on the brink of war. Three great superpowers dominate both outer space and Earth.

The European Union, comprised of Europe, Africa, and a third of the Middle-East. Among their territories is Jupiter and Mars. It is controlled by the United Europa senate, consisting of over forty cabinet members and diplomats.

The Chinese Federation, consisting of the majority of the Asian continent. They control Earth's Moon, Saturn and Venus. Ruled by Empress Tianzi - though in truth, the High Eunechs control the nation from behind the scenes.

The Holy Empire of Britannia, which dominates a third of Earth while controlling Pluto, Mercury and Neptune. Like the Chinese Federation, it is ruled by monarchy: the 98th Emperor, Charles zi Britannia.

In the grand center of this conflict are the various resistance groups, seeking to bring an end to the oncoming war.