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Mor Vivian Britannica née Honda (モルヴィヴィアンブリタニカ, Moruvu~ivu~ianburitanika) is the wife of Charles' Father of the Holy Britannian Empire. She was killed alongside her husband by the Conservative Party due to his radical ideas.

The Princess of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, she was married off into a political marriage to Charles`s Father.



There is a painting of Mor in the entrance hall of the Holy Britannian Empire`s Royal Palace when she first married Charles`s Father. She has light chocolate eyes and warm auburn hair that glows in the sun. She has pale skin and typically wears a blue-themed dress with layers. They are flowy on the side and are made so that they hang from the top of the shoulder rather then from the top of her shoulders.

Mor grown up

For unknown reason, her hair changes color as well as her eyes changing to an emerald green. In her later years Mor has the appearance of a young woman in her late teens with a slender physique, soft skin, and green eyes. She has "finely textured" blonde hair that seems "as if sprinkled with gold dust." Her body is very muscular as a result of being a Knight and wielding a sword on a daily occasion. She normally wears shining armor with an old styled dress, made from old-fashioned blue cloth, underneath. When she was not wearing her armor,  blue, knee-length skirt (with tights) and white shirt (with a blue string tie), and brown boots were her choice of clothing. She was also known to wear a blue and white mantle over her armor. Her hair is tied into a complex bun in the back of her head and completed with a blue ribbon.


Matrona holding Semiestria

Mor is a kind-hearted young woman who believed that being a ruler was more than the sum of your parts, you had to rely on other people, a fact that never translated to her sons ever. She loved her sons greatly and treated her citizens and guests with respect. People thought of Queen Mor as a stepping stone to success but were wrong when she beat them in battle. Queen Mor Vivian Britannica was