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Morgiana vi Britannica
Morgiana vi Britannia
Full Name: Morgiana vi Britannia
Nicknames: Mor Mor
Aliases: Morgiana Lamperouge
Lady Cataline
Age: 17 (first season), 18 (at R2)
Status: Deceased (murdered)
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red (before)
Both eyes are encompassed with Geass

Birth Date: a.t.b. December 5, 1999
Death Date: a.t.b. 2018
Height: 164 cm (5'4")
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Charles zi Britannia (Father)
Marianne vi Britannia Mother)
V.V (Uncle)
Lelouch vi Britannia (Brother)
Nunnally vi Britannia (Sister)
Olivia vi Britannia (Sister)
Schneizel el Britannia (Half Brother)
Cornelia li Britannia (Half Sister)
Euphemia li Britannia (Half Sister)
Clovis la Britannia (Half Brother)
Odysseus eu Britannia (Half Brother)
Guinevere de Britannia (Half Sister)
Carine ne Britannia (Half Sister)
Marrybell mel Britannia (Half Sister)
Julia mel Britannia (Half Sister)
  • Ashford Academy
    • Student Council (As Morgiana Lamperouge)
  • United Federation of Nations (As Lady Cataline)
    • The Black Knights (As Lady Cataline)
  • Holy Britannia Empire
    • Britannia Imperial Family
    • Britannia Military
Additional Information
Title: Vice President of the Student Council in Ashford Academy
Vice Leader of the Original Resistance Cell (As Lady Cataline)
2nd Vice Supreme Council Chairman of the United Federation of Nations
Vice Leader and Vice CEO of The Black Knights
11th Princess of Britannia
99th Empress of Britannia
Rank: Princess
Occupation: Student
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Lancelot (Super Robot Wars X-Ω)
Real World
First Appearance: The Day a New Demon was Born
Last Appearance: Re;
Created By: Takahiro
Tashiro Tetsuya
Voiced By: Sora Amamiya (Japanese)
Molly Searcy (English)
Other Info:
See Britannian Imperial Family

Morgiana vi Britannia (モルジアナ・ヴィ・ブリタニア Morujiana vui Buritania) is the main Protagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 , and plays a supporting role in sidestories like Code Geass: Oz the Reflection and Code Geass: Lancelot & Guren. After she was exiled, she used the alias, Morgiana Lamperouge (モルジアナ・ランペルージ Morujiana Ranperūji). She was the Eleventh Princess of the Holy Britannia Empire and the daughter of the 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia. She was also the vice-leader and co-founder of The Black Knights and the real identity of Lady Cataline. She was voiced by Sora Amamiya, with her child self being voiced by the same person. Her English dub voice is provided by Molly Searcy, with Searcy also voicing her child voice.



Morgiana is a beautiful young girl with long black hair that reaches down to her knees and red eyes. Her normal attire is a dark sleeveless tank top with a white collar and a red tie; a red belt that has a red side skirt cover over a black, pleated skirt, as well as long black socks and black shoes. She is known to wear red gauntlets and black gloves, due to the nature of her blade, which has a deadly poison slathered on it. On some occasion, she is seen wearing a long dark coat in battle. On the left side of her waist, tied to her belt is a red sword sheath which holds her katana when she is not using it. After activating her sword`s trump card vie usage of her Geass, she has faded red scars all over her body.

In her childhood, her appearance was very much the same as it now; her eyes were of a brighter-red changing into a more duller-red color when she grew older. When she was still a princess, Morgiana wore a short black Yukata with a white sash outside wartime. During wartime, she would wear her usual dark sleeveless dress. Her typical expression is usually a frown, a stoic look, or a pout.


Morgiana is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and stoic due to her aristocratic upbringing. While at school, Morgiana conducts herself as a aloof and ice-queen type student. However, this is really a mask to hide her true nature. While as Lady Cataline her true nature is expressed. Her charisma and beliefs in justice gain her the trust and respect of many soldiers and leaders.

Morgiana is known for having a stoic personality, developed to hide her true feelings. She is a hard-working student, and bluntly states her opinions of people, never sugarcoating the truth unless it is necessary, and dislikes clingy people, usually telling them straight to their faces. She has a strong dislike for nobles, viewing them as tepid and "overprivileged parasites."

In battle, Morgiana is very cold and tactical. She is willing to sacrifice civilians and soldiers alike, if that is what it takes to achieve the objective. Despite her cold, calculating demeanor, and ruthlessness in battle, she can be a rather compassionate person to her friends and loved ones.

Character Outline[]

Morgiana was born on December 5, 1999 a.t.b. as Morgiana vi Britannia the daughter of the Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia, and the late Imperial Consort Marianne, making Morgiana the Eleventh Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She was in line to be the eighteenth heir to the throne prior to her mother's assassination and her sister's crippling in the same incident. A ten year old Lelouch confronted the Emperor afterwards and accused him of leaving his mother defenseless, even going as far as renouncing his entitlement to the throne. In response, his father banished him to Japan, where he was used as a political hostage in the Sakuradite conflict, alongside his three sisters.

As Lady Cataline[]

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