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Nex Mask 1

Nex is the masked persona taken up by Luis vi Britannia in Code Geass: The Twin Demons and it's sequel, Code Geass R2: Twin Demons.


In Code Geass: The Twin Demons, Nex was dressed up in an armor variant of the Zero costume. However, over time it changed from a black color to a white one to differentiate the two.

In Code Geass R2: Twin Demons, Nex has a new look. His mask has changed to be a polar oppostie to Zero's. Is it colored a very light shade of gray with the orb in the middle colored gold rather than blue. The mask lacks the middle horn and the Geass sigil that Zero's mask has.

At the top of the maks are two horns and on the bottom two tusks, similar to those of the Lancelot.

His outfit is similar to Zero's uniform and a Knight of the Round uniform, being based on both. On top is a sleevelss Knight's of the Round Uniform accompanied with gold lining similar to Zero's. Nex also wears black gloves similar to the Knight of the Round gloves. The lower body is also colored white with the same gold lining as Zero's new outfit. He dons black boots with gold lining along the front.

At Nex's side is a katana based on knightmare frame technology utilizing electricity to become a more deadly weapon than before.


This mask also features a variant of the Druid System to assist Nex whenever he is in hand to hand combat.