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OAV Chapter 7 is the seventh chapter of bonzo's Code Geass R2Remake OAV, which occurs between the Turn 26 appendix chapters and Turn 27.


As the battle against Castor continues, Suzaku is shocked at the reveal of the Merlin and the Guren. Castor explains that the Merlin that Schneizel used was only a prototype and there had been more in production. Furthermore, when Britannia captured the Guren, they analyzed and upgraded the model, preparing it for mass production. Castor believes the two should be more than enough to handle rest of Suzaku's army while Castory will Suzaku himself with his centaur KMF.

One of Gino's units declares that they will distract the Merlin and the Guren, but Gino orders them to retreat instead. However, his order comes too late as the Merlin and Guren crushes two of the units, killing the pilots within. Enraged, Gino attacks the Merlin and Guren who gain the upper hand on him. However, before they can finish him, Amanda intervenes in her Sagramore KMF. The Guren attacks, but Amanda easily destroys, commenting that it may have been a threat if "that woman" had been piloting it. Amanda then delcares she will go after the Merlin while Gino takes care of the Sutherlands. The Merlin fires a Hadron Cannon at Amanda, but she repels it with the Sagramore's shield, declaring that Rakshata had designed the Sagramore specifically to counter the Merlin.

Meanwhile, Kyoko urges Josephine to pick up a weapon and fight as she cannot hold of the enemy units on her own. However, due to her pacifist nature, Josephine refuses to fight and instead focuses on finding a weakness for the Centaur KMF. Kyoko expresses her concern for Nonette as she has stopped firing, but Josephine assures her that she is only out ammo.

Finally, reinforcements arrive, headed by the Prince of Wales and William Wallace airships. Castor is surprised by their arrival, not understanding how he was unable to intercept them. Suzaku explains that they had called for backup through other means and that the Britannian army is not as weak as Castor thinks.

Meanwhile, Josephine finally discovers the Centaur KMF's weakness. Though its shield is nearly impenetrable, it can only guard one portion of the KMF at a time. She proposes a synchronized attack with Kyoko attacking one end with her Gauss Rifle while Suzaku attacks the other end. To distract Castor, Suzaku continues to mock his supposed Godhood and challenges him to block his attack. Castor falls for the bait and blocks Suzaku's attack, but his Centaur KMF is penetrated by Kyoko's Gauss Rifle. Furious, Castor ejects the damaged portion of the Cenatur KMF and then goes after Kyoko. He completely decimates her Urien, forcibly ejecting her from her KMF.