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OAV Chapter 8 is the eighth chapter of bonzo's Code Geass R2Remake OAV, which occurs between the Turn 26 appendix chapters and Turn 27.


After Kyoko's Knightmare is destroyed, Josephine salvages her cockpit and cries out for her sister to no response. Castor maniacally unleashes a flurry of laser blasts and Suzaku furiously engages him, dodging all of his attacks.

On the ground, Nonette desperately attempts to resuscitate Kyoko while Josephine holds her head. Josephine tearfully regrets her unwillingness to fight, but Nonette tells her that she shouldn't regret sticking to her ideals. Nonette continues her efforts, proclaiming that she will not lose another child. At last, Kyoko is revived as she coughs, bringing air back into her lungs, much to the relief of Nonette and Josephine. However, another pilot arrives informing them that they must evacuate the injured as Castor's forces have begun to breach their encirclement. Nonette tells Josephine to help her bring Kyoko to safety, but finds that Josephine has already returned to her KMF, striking down a Sutherland and yelling at them to stay away from her family.

Meanwhile, Gino is informed that the Dreadnought airship has taken heavy damage. Gino commands the crew to abandon ship and leave the rest to him. Amanda, meanwhile, is equally matched against the Merlin, but is losing her advantage due to fatigue. However, she notices that the Dreadnought is about to fire its Hadron Cannon in her direction. As the Merlin charges at her, Amanda grabs the Merlin's arm, flipping into the air and in the path of the Hadron beam, destroying it. Amanda reports to Gino that she has defeated the Merlin and he orders her to meet her on the Prince of Skies.

Shocked at the loss of the Merlin, Castor nevertheless continues his battle against Suzaku. Gino then tells Suzaku to move away from the Centaur KMF as a barrage of missiles head towards them. Suzaku retreats, but tells Gino that such an attack will not work against him. However, Gino explains that the missiles were only a diversion as the Dreadnought bears towards the Centaur KMF and crashes into Castor's airship. 

Castor's drones begin to retreat, encircling the mothership. Gino proposes they can easily dispose of the remaining forces with their Hadron Cannons, but Suzaku remains skeptical, believing that Castor may still be alive. Sure enough, a powerful beam fires from the airship and reveals that the Centaur KMF is still active. Fed up, Suzaku furiously charges towards the airship intending to face Castor alone. Castor mocks Suzaku, calling him a failure like his father, but Suzaku angrily proclaims that the world doesn't need the Geass or a being like Castor.