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Oldrin Zevon
Full Name: Oldrin Zevon
Nicknames: Oz
Age: 16-18
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Birth Date: a.t.b. 2000
Height: 173 cm
Nationality: Britannian
Relatives: Orpheus Zevon (Twin Brother)
Olivia Zevon (Mother)
Additional Information
Rank: Knight
Occupation: Student
Military Officer
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:
Gloucester Glinda
Lancelot Grail
Lancelot HighGrail
Real World
Voiced By: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese)
Dorothy Elias Fahn (English)

Oldrin Zevon (オルドリン・ジヴォン, Orudorin Jivuon?) is a major supporting character of Code Geass: Marik and Lelouch of Dissention.

She is the daughter of the noble Zevon Family and a member of the Glinda Knights an anti-terrorism unit where she serves as the head knight of the unit which was active during Britannia war with the E.U. After the Siege of Castle Weisswolf and Battle of Berlin she became a member of the Order of the White Knights.


Oldrin has blonde hair that is kept in at least one ponytail and green eyes.


Oldrin, a steadfast noble with an unwavering sense of pride, exemplifies the values of hard work and dedication. Balancing her aristocratic upbringing with a deep-rooted desire to serve and protect, she finds herself at odds. On one hand, she firmly believes that it is her duty to safeguard society from the very people she is sworn to protect. Yet, her unyielding conviction to shield the innocent, the vulnerable, fuels her resolve to confront the challenges that lie ahead. Her ultimate aspiration is to transcend the boundaries of nobility and become an embodiment of a "true knight."

Character Planning History[]

Character Outline[]

Character History[]

Oldrin was born into the noble Zevon family, but left and joined the military when the family was about to be taken over by her uncle Oiaguro.







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