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Judge Knight Symbol 1

The Elemental opposite to the Geass Directiorate and seem to also research Geass to instead prolong its existance, the goals of the Judges are very ambitious, they intend to create a "Human God" through an ever evolving Geass so that humanity can be guided on its path AND to allow the Combined Unconsicence known in the serise as "God" to continue to exist.

Early Order[]

The Order was born during the end of the last Crusade when the Knights of the Templar were destroyed and behind the scenes became the Geass Directorate, the Order was in sense a Religious faction combined with Celtic Hysteria which had taken control of the church during the days of Richard the Lion Heart, since then it has had multiple branches around the world however to the present there have been four main branches, the present leaders of each branch and their fates:

  • The Britannian Branch - Maximillion Vi Britannia - Evolves by absorbing the remnants of other factions and the Geass Directorate.
  • The European Branch - George Hitler - Assimilated into the European Reich.
  • The Indian Branch - Rex Makubah - Mass destroyed by Chinese Imperial officals under Luo Kai,the remains in Japan and Astralia join the Britannian Branch.
  • The Asian Branch - Zho Yun - Mass destroyed by Chinese Imperial officals under Luo Kai,the remains move to South America and becomr part of the Britannian Branch.

The New Order[]

Born after Maximillion gains Eternal Youth and Life without the use of a Code and through the means of simply having Geass evolve at an incredible rate, Maximillion regulated the Old Remanants of the Order before reviving it as he desired, for this he even gave the Order a new symbol and flag while being protected within the Britannian Boarders.


The New Order