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The P-01 Maleagant was a Knightmare Frame built by Thomas Harvey, maintained by the Du Loc Organization and piloted by Seitz Kururugi.


P-01 Maleagant[]


  • Experimental Knightmare Frame created by the SDFRDT (Special Deployment Forerunner Research and Development Team) and Du Loc Organization


  • Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler


  • Experimental 7th Generation Knightmare Frame

Pilot: []

  • Maximillion’s Knight and an Order of Judges founder, Seitz Kururugi

Weapons and Defences:[]

  • 4x Slash Harken with Harken Boosters
  • 2x Blue Colored Maser Vibration Sword
  • 2x Shields with Blaze Luminous Particle Shields
  • Energy Siphon field, designed to absorb energy attacks or energy of projectiles and add them to the energy filler

Optional Weaponry:[]

  • 1xVARIS (variable ammunition repulsion impact spitfire)

Other Equipment:[]

  • 2x Factsphere sensor in chest
  • Landspinner propulsion system
  • Optional Float System
  • Pre Float System Heli-backpack

Info -[]

The original design of the Lancelot that was left behind and built in time for the ending days of the 2nd Pacific War under the request of Maximillion who had taken command of the SDFRDT or the Special Deployment Forerunner Research and Development Team that Lloyd had left behind when he formed the Camelot organization, leaving the head researcher Thomas Harvey at the head of the SDFRDT and renamed it Du Lac after Lancelot’s second and third name. During the occupation of Japan, Seitz took the Maleagant for himself and fought out against an aquatic gliding version of the Gun-Ru piloted by risen General Luo Kai whose Strategic and Tactical prowess could match up to the royalists of Britannia while his fighting skills matched that of the Knight of One, equipped with an heli-backpack for flight.


The Maleagant was built from the data left behind by Lloyd however it was instead designed for Hit-and-Fade based attacks making it the more elegant of the two brother Knightmare Frames, Maleagant is more powerful and Agile than the Lancelot (much to Lloyd's Fury) and dramatically more so when it has the Lancelot Club compared against it. Even though the Lancelot is practically new technology, the Maleagant is outdated by the end of R1 as it had been used roughly for seven years, it is later upgraded into two form: