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The P-01 Maleagant Catalyst was a Knightmare Frame built by Thomas Harvey, maintained by the Du Loc Organization and piloted by Seitz Kururugi, it was the second form of the Maleagant and the mass produced Meliant units were designed off it.


P-01 Maleagant Catalyst[]


  • Experimental Knightmare Frame created by the Du Loc Organization


  • Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler


  • Upgraded Experimental 7th Generation Knightmare Frame


  • Maximillion’s Knight, an Order of Judges founder and Judge Head Magister, Seitz Kururugi

Weapons and Defences:[]

  • 4x Slash Harken with Harken Boosters
  • 2x Dark Blue Colored Maser Vibration Sword
  • 1x Rapid fire VARIS
  • 2x Shields with Blaze Luminous Particle Shields, Legs are also equipped with Particle Shields
  • 1x Hadron Combinable Blaster Cannon, combines with VARIS Rifle
  • 1x Blaze Luminous Cone Generators
  • Energy Siphon field, designed to absorb energy attacks or energy of projectiles and add them to the energy filler
  • 2x Energy Siphon Whip that can heat up and slice through amour or electrocute ammunition/weaponry and cause it to explode stored in each wrist shield

Other Equipment:[]

  • 2x Factsphere sensor in chest
  • Landspinner propulsion system
  • Integrated Float System
  • Equipped with Gefjun Disruptor


During the end of the Black Rebellion Seitz had created from his original P-01 Maleagant so that it was capable of standards that rivalled the eventual Lancelot Conquista however unlike the Lancelot it is cloaked in a Gefjun Disruptor field which also blooms a more concentrated shot from the Hadron Cannon, also it comes equipped with a new weapon called an Energy Siphon Whip that has the ability to slice through objects and cause them to explode, this Maleagant was later mass produced alongside the Vincent as the Meliant.


After the Maleagant became outdated at the end of the Black Rebellion it was upgraded by Thomas Hsrvey to inhabit the strongest of Seitz Kururugi's evasive fighting style and so it was given new weapons and technology, its power is roughly equle to the Lancelot Conquista, it is later heavily damaged and Seitz insteads uses the Maleagant Shroud from then on.