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The Pacific Squadron was an administrative unit of the Spanish Navy that was based in the Captaincy-General of the Philippines, with the objective of defending the waters of the Spanish colonies in Asia. It was destroyed by the Britannian Royal Navy during the Spanish-Britannian War of 1898.


  • Admiral Sebastian Zaragoza – Commander
  • Rear Admiral Blanco Pasaron – Vice Commander
  • Line Captain Rafael Espoz y Mina – Chief of Staff
  • Frigate Captain Carlos Emparan – Chief Operations Officer
  • Frigate Captain Nicolas Vivar – Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Corvette Captain Leopoldo del Campo – Chief Logistics Officer
  • Corvette Captain Pedro Carillo Azara – Chief Communications Officer


  • Cruiser Division 8, CO Line Captain Juan Martin Navarro
    • Emperador Carlos V
    • Avianna Superbus
    • Asturias
  • Cruiser Division 9, CO Line Captain Fidel Saravia
    • Gran Imperio
    • Juan de Austria
  • Destroyer Division 14, CO Frigate Captain Domenec de Eslava
    • Rafael
    • Paolo
    • Batet
    • Diego
  • Destroyer Division 15, CO Frigate Captain Melchior Davila
    • Cadiz
    • Valencia
    • Borbon
  • Destroyer Division 19, CO Frigate Captain Carlos de Aragon
    • Tejo
    • Soler

Service Record[]