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The Pacifying Empire of Britannia, as known by the Rebels that take on the title of "Divine Empire of Britannia", also known as the "Old Order but with a new face" in the The Genesis Series. Was the structure of Britannia created after the end of Code Geass R2, it has currently taken on a pacifying position in the politics of the world however this has allowed potentially more vicious elements to come to power across the world, their Capital of New Pendragon has become the centre of the United Federation of Nations however that gathering of leaders has made it a prime target for invasion for insurgents.



Britannia is the home of U.F.N and the place where the different national leaders of the world have their discussions, Britannia's main politics however is sorted by the Emperor or Empress and their Inner Circle, the secondary government faction however is the Imperial Senate that has existed since the early times of Britannia that despise Britannia's current weakness but at the same time fear Michael's natural ability.


The Military of Britannia is two years behind the times and this is noted by the suspension of all Military Research since the "death" of Lelouch Vi Britannia, the Black Knights act as the main reformed military force and are thus stationed to protect the U.F.N Building and the Britannian Senate, the technology of Britannia's military has long become redundant and no challenge to the Rebels in the south.

  • Knightmare Frames:
    • Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements
    • Gareth
    • Vincent
      • Vincent Ward
    • Akatsuki
      • Akatsuki Jikisanshiyō
    • Portman II
  • Vehicles:
    • Caerleon-class
    • Logres-class
    • Ricardo-class Battleship Carrier


The Geography of Britannia has practically collapses in on itself, containing the territories of the Americas as well as Gibraltar and its Gulf, however due to being the centre of the U.F.N's communing makes it the de jure Leader of the World even if no longer militarily or territorially.

Eventually however, the territories of Central and South America fall silent and soon the Pacific Britannian Islands and Gibraltar fall quiet, Britannian investigations led by Zero find that within the Hawaii Island the Naval Base of Pearl Harbour had created a number of Airship Dry-Docks in secret and were building at least one "Unidentified Carrier Analogue Airships", a number of "Unidentified Heavy Cruiser Analogue Airships" and a number of "Unidentified Light Cruiser Analogue Airships".