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A major port near Area 6 (South America), controled by Maximillion's 3rd Britannian Naval Fleet, it is stationed at a Major Canal that runs from the Atlantic through to the Pacific.


2010 a.t.b[]

This is the Home Port of the 22nd Fleet that Maximillion used to attack Japan during his Teen Years and using his superior strategies managed to win almost every battle against the outdated Japanese Army, Maximillion used the Fleet's long-range bombardment abilities coupled with the Speed of the Knightmares and the Britannian Airforce to cripple the Japanese Army, the second Pacific War was over not long after it had begun.

2017/2018 a.t.b[]

Presently the Port of one of the Largest Fleets in Area 6: the 3rd Britannian Fleet, which is the successor to the legendary 22nd Fleet that Maximillionn used to attack Japan which remain in its waters, like its predecessor it comes under the command of Maximillion and he uses it as he sees fit in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.