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Panzer Wespe Details[]

The Panzer-Wespe is a Knightmare Frame used by Europia United, and based off of the Panzer-Hummel. While the extent of the differences between the two are unknown, it appears to possess a pair of arms unlike its predecessor. 

It's been said that they will be able to reach a radius of around 100km and rain down fire on our enemies. With the potential for railgun technology to be fitted onto them like how the Hummels have of the turrets that have been used form time to time as anti air mobile units when customised and ordered for some of our more unconventional generals like General Alejandro Alonso at the fortress of El Santiago on the El Santaigo defence line that streches from Portugal to Spain.

"Panzer-Wespe" is German and means "armored wasp" or "tank wasp", depending on the translation of the word "Panzer", which may mean either depending on the context one refers to as. 

This does fit in general the EU's directive of focus on long range over close combat fighting.

​Operation History[]

None so yet as far as I heard from General Smila's or anyone else within the EU High Command. But I would be most interested to find out how they preform and if they will make a difference in the long term against all Britannian forces and possibly against any threats that might prop up from the Chinese Federation as well If the whispers of them entering the war on Britannia's side is of any notion, which I expect if the tide continues to go against us and the populist movements within each Europe Country continues to fester and grow as it has done on and off for the last decade. 


General Characteristics

  • Crew: One (possible more if there are more features than what I have heard.)
  • Height: 4.10 meters
  • Weight: 8.79 metric tons
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features

  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Cockpit Ejection System


  • 4x Arm-mounted Auto-Cannons
  • 2x Hip-mounted Machine Cannons
  • 4x Chest-mounted 3-tube Missile Pods (hidden inside)
  • 2x Hip-mounted Slash Harkens (Located on the exterior side next to the Machine Cannons)
  • 1X Railgun mounted on the Shoulders to fire long ranged shots (again if the rumors are true).