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The Panzer Hummel III: New generation of EU mass-production Knightmare Frames.
Panzer Hummell II

Panzer Hummel III: New generation of Panzer Hummels

The Panzer Hummel III is the improved version of the Panzer Hummel mass-produced by the European Union.

Operational History[]

The Pamzer Hummel III was first developed sometime before the death of Chancellor Marco. However, it did not go into mass-production nor did it enter service in the EU army during the EU-Britannian war. During these times, the EU still used the Panzer Hummel II as a mass-production unit. However, after the war, the remaining members of the EU, spearheaded by Great Britain and Germany started to mass produce the said unit. In the wake of the UFN-HBE conflict, most of the Panzer Hummel II were replaced by these Panzer Hummel III series as part of the EU's attempt to catch-up with new generation of Knightmare Frames employed by the UFN and the Holy Britannian Empire. It became one of the EU's Knightmare Frames designed for mass production.

Operational Features[]

Like its predecessor, the Panzer Hummel III lacked proper limbs present in the Akatsuki, Gloucester, and Vincent Series. The series is shown to have reinforced armor harder than its predecessors. Due to this, the Panzer Hummel III developers abandoned the Landspinner capabilities because of its heavier armor. it is shown to be more humanoid-like than its predecessors. The new series also abandoned the Slash-Harken Weapons and the Missile Pods. It can fly due to the EU's newly-developed Land Propulsion boosters. The new Dragon Howitzer replaced the old cannons used by the older Panzer Hummel II series. These howitzers are capable of serious damage to the Blaze Luminous defense employed by the UFN and the HBE. Professor Vettra prided to himself that the Dragon Howitzer's capabilities match those of Mordred's Stark Hadron Cannon.


  • Vulcan Flame Thrower on left arm
  • Mortia Cross Heavy Machinegun situated on the Right Arm
  • 2X1 Dragon Howitzers situated on both shoulders
  • Land propulsion Boosters located on the feet.