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General Characteristics
Codename Pellinor
Unit type Knight of Twelve Dedicated Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Britannic Defense Systems plc
Operator Britannian Empire
Dimensions Overall Height: 5.08 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 7.02 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark V)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
  • Multispectral Sensor System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Druid System Analysis Complex
Standard Armament
  • 8 x Virus Spreader
  • 2 x Blaze Luminous
  • 2 x Slash Harken
  • Monica Krushevsky

The Pellinor is a knightmare frame designed and utilized by Monica Krushevsky, the Britannian Empire's Knight of Twelve in Code Geass Megiddo.


More or less the Code Geass version of the Gundam Aquarius from SD Gundam G Generation. No real alterations from its original design, though it has a sharper, more demonic appearance. It is painted in a white and green scheme.


Something of an oddity even among the other eleven Knights of the Round exclusive Knightmares, the Pellinor was designed for one primary function: electronic warfare. Following Knight of Twelve Monica Krushevsky's directions to the letter, the Pellinor does away with conventional weapons such as maser vibration arms or hadron cannons and instead focuses on systems that manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. That being said, it still retains the standard dual slash harkens in its forearms, though these are more to provide the Pellinor mobility than for offensive weaponry.

For its intended purpose, the Pellinor is equipped with eight virus spreader modules in its shoulders. Holding an approximate range of ten kilometers, the virus spreaders can interfere with and influence most forms of OS from multiple sources at a time. The most obvious usage of these weapons is to disrupt enemy electronics through the usage of computer viruses, which Monica can "spread" out for a variety of effects, whether be it to shut down an enemy unit's weapon systems or the entire unit altogether (in similar effect to a Gefjun Disturber). Among her favorites, however, is to "slave" enemy OSs to the Pellinor's direct control, effectively turning said units into "Marionettes" as Monica likes to refer to them - to the point that she has the Pellinor gesture with its hand manipulators as though manipulating puppet strings when controlling said captives.

Supplementing the Virus Spreaders, the Pellinor is also equipped with a Druid System, which allows it to analyze and collect data on enemy units (especially their electronic systems) in short periods of time. Through this accumulated data, Monica can devise what viruses in the Pellinor's arsenal can best be utilized toward what specific targets.


Something of a novelty, the Pellinor can be considered the first electronic warfare knightmare frame to be produced. Personally designed by its devicer, Knight of Twelve Monica Krushevsky, the Sorceress of Britannia, the Pellinor has proven to be one of the most effective knightmare types out there, having enjoyed much success along several fronts in the Great World War.