General Characteristics
Model Number RZX-10JS
Codename Percival
Unit type Prototype Close Combat Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Britannic Defense Systems plc
Operator Britannian Empire
Dimensions Overall Height: 5.13 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 9.07 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark V)
Equipment and Design Features
  • FSC10X Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • EDC10X Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
  • ECR10X Multispectral Sensor System
  • LSP10X Landspinner Propulsion System
Fixed Armament
  • 3 x EPL389 Slash Harken
  • 1 x QC442 "Pilum Luminous" MSV Particle Lance
Optional Armament
  • 1 x SHM43 6-Cell Missile Shield
  • Luciano Bradley

The RZX-10JS Percival is the chosen knightmare of Luciano Bradley, the Britannian Empire's Knight of Ten in Code Geass Megiddo.


Its original incarnation, only without the float system.


Designed for high-speed close combat, the Percival features an enhanced set of landspinners so that it is both fast and highly mobile, capable of making straight on charging attacks that overwhelm any adversary before defensive efforts can be made. For this purpose, the Percival's primary weapon is a particle drill lance mounted on its right arm. Initially appearing as a set of claws, these are actually miniture "Blaze Luminous" generators that when spun at high speeds can produce a MVS "cone" drill, which Luciano can use to torment his enemies before killing them. Its other weapons consist of a missile-laden shield for defensive power as well as surprise attacks and slash harkens disguised as ornaments on the head and shoulders. Beyond those, the only other special feature of the Percival is its extremely high performance, as even amongst knightmares belonging to the Knight of the Rounds, it is a very fast and nimble machine.


  • EPL389 Slash Harken
  • QC442 "Pilum Luminous" MSV Particle Lance
  • SHM43 6-Cell Missile Shield

System FeaturesEdit

  • FSC10X Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • EDC10X Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
  • ECR10X Multispectral Sensor System
  • LSP10X Landspinner Propulsion System


The Knights of the Round, the twelve greatest warriors in the Britannian Empire, each possess a custom knightmare frame as a testament to their battle prowess and their place within the Empire. In the case of Luciano Bradley, the Knight of Ten and "Vampire of Britannia", whose bloodthirsty nature has made him well known throughout the world at large, he has been given a machine specifically design to take advantage of his viciousness on the battlefield: the RZX-10JS Percival.

Initially the Knight of Ten would spend most of his battles on the European Front during the Great World War, but when recalled to Britannia to celebrate the Day of the Founding, Bradley would be more than pleased to take the Percival into battle against the Black Knights when they mount their surprise attack. From there, he would brutally vanquish several Black Knights as well overpower ace pilot Nagisa Chiba, in turn almost capturing her before knightmares from the elite Zero Squadron intercept him and drive him away.