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Photon Drive is an energy system within mobile suit Gundam. It was invented by Dennis Einstein, the head scientist of Horus Research Centre.


A photon drive is a power generator, scaled for installation in Gundam. It harnesses energy through a chemical reaction of anti-matter and sakuradite . Inside the drive, there a storage of few droplet of anti-matter and powder of sakuradite.  When the drive is turned on, a drop of anti-matter is mixed with sakuradite which created a huge energy released from the chemical reaction.  The amount of energy  release is enormous that a single drop of anti-matter can power up the Horus Space Station for a couple of years.

The energy release is stored inside Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)  which look like a turbine shape. Because of the amount of energy stored is enormous, the turbine start to change colour to blue  and released magnetic field. The turbine is designed to convert the magnetic field generated from the energy stored into the gravitional field which enables the Gundam to fly. This also gives the Gundam to freely move in the air giving more maneuverability during combat. In space, The turbine will convert energy to kinetic energy to move due to there is no gravity.