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General Characteristics
Model Number RMI-U13
Codename Portman
Unit type Mass Production Amphibious Fourth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Sarras Corp.

"Old Britannia" Faction and other terrorist organizations

Developed into

Portman II

Dimensions Overall Height: 4.69 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 5.97 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Type II)
Equipment and Design Features
  • Manipulator Hands
  • Sonar Sensor System
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Hydro Jet Pack
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x Slash Harken
  • 4 x Torpedo Launcher

The RMI-U13 Portman was a 4th-generation Knightmare Frame originally designed and produced by the Holy Britannian Empire as amphibious unit. In TNB, however, the old frame is now retired and is no longer produced. Some Portmans are still actively used, however, for terrorists acts by the "Old Britannia" faction and other terrorist groups.


The same as the original in the anime. The coloring varies depending on the group.


Much of its outward design is made with hydrodynamics first in mind and is capable of transforming into Cruiser Mode. In addition to the standard Slash Harken, the Portman has a set of torpedo launchers mounted in its shoulders, and a hydro jet pack mounted on its back. Though intended to operate primarily underwater, the Portman can also be used on land, though its speed and combat skills are poor in this area.


  • Slash Harken
The Slash Harken is the signature weapon of the Knightmare Frame, and is used by almost all KMF models. Originally introduced on the RPI-11 Glasgow, the Harkens are wire-guided projectiles with some form of anchor-like blunt object at its tip. They can be used in multiple ways varying from offensive to defensive, or as a means of transportation via anchoring them in an object, and retracting the cable. Like the Glasgow, the Portman is equipped with two Slash Harkens stored in its chest.
  • Torpedo Launcher
Standard torpedo launcher, and the main weapon of the Portman when underwater. They are stored in each of the frame's shoulders.


After the success of the Glasgow, the Britannian military decided to design an amphibious-type Knightmare Frame to reinforce its navy, and so created the Portman. The frame proved effective during various sea battles, but many were disatisfied with its limited range of use. As a result, a newer and more adaptable version of the amphibious frame, known as the RMI-U14 Portman II, was produced in 2018 a.t.b. and quickly replaced the Portman, though many were still kept in service.

After Britannia's entrance into the UFN, however, the Portman and the Portman II were quickly phased out of production as the Black Knights started producing the Type-06 Hamon, a 7th-generation amphibious frame that easily outperformed the older Britannian frames. However, some Portmans are still used by ex-Britannian army pilots who defected to join the anti-UFN militias collectively known as the "Old Britannia" Faction and other terrorist groups that oppose the current order. It is believed that these groups obtained their frames not only from the collapse of the former Britannian army, but also from black market military contractors who continue to produce the frame for money despite the ban on all military industry.