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RPI-13 Kyusei. Made by RaiZero.

The RPI-13 Kyusei is a Knightmare Frame used by the Black Knights in Code Geass: The Twin Demons. This is a heavily modified version of the RPI-13 Sutherland created by the Kyoto House.


It looks like a combination of the Burai Kai and the Sutherland. These machines are modified Sutherland which have extra armor and an added boost in Sukuradite to add more power.

The head features the top part of the Burai Kai. The fists have armor from the Burai Kai and normal Burai. The knees however, have the same armor from the Gekka.


This machine was promised to be given to the Black Knights only if they won the Battle for Tokyo in the Black Rebellion. Using a prototype with a Float System, Nex assisted the Black Knights in their fight against Britannia and helped repel them from Japan. Over time, more and more Kyusei's are made and they start to replace the Burai's. However, the Britannians come back quickly, way before Mass Production can start, which was a key factor in the loss of the Second Battle for Tokyo.