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With new technological advancements in the Britannian Millitary, and a better budget along with it, the Knightmare Development Sector decided to replacde the old mass-produced units and implement the new advances in a new generation of Frames. Therefore, the Vincent Ward II was created.


The successor the the Vincent Ward is upgraded with better overall performance than the old model, given better equipment, and a new color-scheme to ice the cake. Now colored a standard dark green, the Ward II is equipped with roughly the same armament as it's predecessor, save for replacing the stun tonfas with needle blazers and adding more advanced optional equipment.


Gen. Characteristics:[]

  • Height: 4.44 meters
  • Weight: 6.89 metric tons
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive


  • Landspinners
  • Optional Float System
  • Cockpit Ejection System


  • Slash Harkens x2 (hip mounted)
  • Needle Blazers x2 (elbow mounted)
  • Combinable MVS' x2

Optional Equipment:[]

  • Two-Barrel Arm Mounted Hand Cannon
  • Assault Rifle
  • VARIS Rifle