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RPI-V4L Gareth
Unit type Mass Production Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number RPI-V4L
Codename Gareth
Manufacturer Holy Britannian Empire
Primary users Holy Britannian Empire
Status Active
Developed from Gawain
Known Pilots
Claudio S. Darlton

David T. Darlton Edgar N. Darlton

A Limited Production Unit based off the IFX-V301 Gawain.


The Gareth, named after the Knight of the Round Table, is the mass-production model of the Gawain. It has similar gold trim at various points, but its overall design is quite different from the prototype. Its Hadron Cannons that are attached directly to its wrists, and as such it lacks hands altogether. It has eight Slash Harkens mounted in two quad-barrel missile launchers attached to the hips. It also has fourteen missile launchers, four on each leg and six on its chest. Finally, it has two machine guns mounted on its shoulders, RPI stand for Royal Panzer Infantry.

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