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Rai (Lost Colors)
Full Name: Rai
Nicknames: The Illusionary Adonis
Aliases: Eternity
Age: 17

Birth Date: a.t.b. N/A
Death Date: a.t.b. N/A
Height: '5, 10" ft
Weight: 123 lbs
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Japanese/Britannian
Relatives: Unnamed Sister (deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)

Ashford Academy
Holy Britannian Empire (Former)
Twilight's Horizon

Additional Information
Title: Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire
Prince of Japan
Leader and Founder of Twilight's Horizon
Rank: Prince
Knightmare Frames:
Z-01b Lancelot Club
Z-01b Lancelot Club Reconquista
Z-01b Lancelot Club Albion
Real World
First Appearance:
Created By: Demons Anarchy of Pride
"Even if I will lose everything... Even if Lelouch and Suzaku become my enemies... This is worth fighting for. This is what I've decided."
―Rai, to C.C.

Rai is the main protagonist of the story, Lost Colors -Anew Translation-. He is a member of both the royal bloodlines of Britannia and Japan, the latter being related to the Sumeragi Family. He is also the leader of the organization, Twilight's Horizon, which was created for the purpose of defeating the "true enemy." As a result, he and his organization are naturally at odds with the Britannian Empire, and the Order of the Black Knights.