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Rai Sumeragi
Full Name: Rai Sumeragi
Rai Cranston

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Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: Japanese/Britannian
Relatives: Shizuka Sumeragi (Mother. Deceased: 2010 A.T.B)
Kaguya Sumeragi (Half-Sister)
  • The Black Knights
Occupation: Military Officer
Knightmare Pilot
Knightmare Frames:

Rai Sumeragi/Cranston is the half-brother of Kaguya Sumeragi, but his father left Japan when he was really young and went to Britannia with the boy. Years later he became an agent for the Geass Order and now he is a member of the Black Knights.


Personality and Traits[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Rai is a skilled Knightmare pilot and a master tactitian in the same level as Zero, making him a valorous ally for the Black Knights, as show during the attempt to kidnap the new Viceroy of Area 11, Marrybell mel Britannia, where he not only created the plan but also took part of it as a pilot. Rai also has the Geass known as "The Ice", which allows him to stop time itself, but any weakness of this power were revealed so far.

Differences from the Original[]

Rai does not appear in the original anime serie, but he is the protagonist of the video game "Lost Colors", but his role is a lot different in any of the courses of the game. In "Lucian of the Rebellion",Rai takes a role similar to the one played by Rolo in the anime and they even have the same Geass power.