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Codename Raikō
Type Support Unit

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Manufacturer Japan Liberation Front

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Developed from Burai

Developed into Type-H11 Valiant


During the events of TOA the Japanese Liberation Front makes use the Raikō, a machine made from different Knightmares. It was made to be used as a heavy siege weapon by the group.

Design and Specifications[]

It is a rather large coil gun built using parts from four Burai’s. Its main source of ammunition is a high velocity shell, which would break apart releasing approximately two dozen steel ball bearings, much like that of a shotgun shell. These are capable of tearing through Knightmare Frames, as well as other targets with relative ease. It possesses a 360 degree field of view, which is the result of the Burai’s heads being aligned in a circular view. It also possesses linkable cannons to each of the four open arms of the Burai’s used to make the machine, for use if the main cannon should prove ineffective.

Operational History[]

It is only used once in TOA, during the Japanese Liberation Front Hotel Incident and is destroyed by Suzaku Kururugi. However both Zero and Kitsune recognized a greater potential in such a machine, which later resulted in the creation of the Type-H11 Valiant at the hands of Rakshata Chawla and her team.

Specifications []

General Characteristics[]

Crew: Two

Height: 5.03 meters

Weight: 22.44 metric tons

Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features[]

4x Factsphere Sensors

4x Landspinner Propulsion Systems


1x Super Electromagnetic Shrapnel Cannon

1x Quad-linked Free-fire Arm Guns

4x Chest-mounted Slash Harkens