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The Rebirth Project (こうせいプロジェクト, Kousei Porujekuto) is a highly classified operation carried out by the 98th Emperor Charles zi Britannia, 2nd Prince Schneizel el Britannia and the Immortal known as V.V. in order to bring about a Utopia for the Human Race. Akashi Shiba plays an important role in the Project, acting as a temporary vessel until Eve can regain a true physical form.


To bring about the Rebirth Project three things are needed: a vessel, the orignal Human and the Shard of Eve in order for it all to work. By fusing the appointed vessel's body and the original Human's spirit and then fusing that with the Shard of Eve the original Human, Eve, will be resurrected to bless Humanity and the Earth with everlasting existence.


The Shard of Eve