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Red Recurrence is the first part of a two part story. It chronicles Kouzuki Kallen's journey through time to try to save Lelouch Vi Britannia.


A mere day after the death of Lelouch Vi Britannia; Kallen is overcome by her own pain; she failed her duty; she failed the world; she failed HIM. It was her job to protect Lelouch against all threats to him; and in the process she fell in love with him.

Kallen however is roused out of her misery to attend the secret reading of Lelouch's will; it is at this reading that she receives the single most important thing she has ever received; proof that Lelouch loved her; a small box containing an engagement ring and notes about how he had intended to propose. at the end of the will it is revealed that she has one last chance to see Lelouch...