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Resurianne vi Britannia is the crown princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and the only child of Prime Minister, Prince Lelouch vi Britannia and an unnamed Imperial Consort.


Resurianne, much like her father has black raven-like hair and large purple eyes. Her hair in such a way is between Kallen and C.C.'s hairstyles. She has C.C.'s bangs and Kallen's spiky hair.

When she was still in the Grand Britannian palace, she prefers to wear a butterfly dress.


Back when she was 7 years old, Resu is a childish fun loving kid. Despite her high energy and alluring personality, she can switch moods easily from a childish energetic child to a bored and silent girl.

Currently, because of her amnesia, she has very little trust in her memory. She gets angry and aggresive easily if you go against her will and opinion thus 'messing up her day'.

She tends to act cool and all-so-high to people she doesn't know much. 

She acts sweet and kind to her friends and her suppose relatives.