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Code Geass is set in an alternate universe where the world is separated between three superpower nations known as The Holy Britannian Empire, the European Union, and the Chinese Federation. Roots of Turbulence changes the map up a bit by establishing the independent nations of Australia and New Zealand, placed in a similar manner to real-world Switzerland as neutral nations; as well as changing the name of the EU to the European Alliance (E.A.). 

The Holy Britannian Empire[]

The Holy Britannian Empire is an Absolute Monarchy and the top Superpower of the three in the Code Geass universe, controlling over a third of the world with it being based in North America, encompassing all of South America, Iceland, the Middle East, and Japan. Its society is set in the aristocracy manner that even the lowest Britannian citizen is still higher than the Numbers due to the Social Darwinistic mindset that its society lives by that it socially is unsettled from the inside out. 

Its military is heavily ran by the nobility that those with talent are often overlooked for those that have titles and family standing within the establishment. They are also the advanced military around the world that their technology is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition with help from its recent economic boom since the Second Pacific War.

European Alliance (E.A.)[]

The European Alliance, or E.A., is a political-economic Alliance in the Code Geass Universe with its territories are throughout mainland Europe (including the British Isles), all of Russia (minus territories they held north of Korea and Mongolia), and their overseas territories in Africa.

Being a superpower based on an Alliance system due to each country retaining variations of government systems such as monarchies, presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, etc. It is heavily based on an Oligarchy system where one member nation is elected to take the lead for a span of a year at most while the capital for that year is set within that nation's borders. 

Amongst the nations in the E.A., France and Germany are the Alliances two Power Houses with the most tension between them in who should be the dominating military force as well as the one to standardize the Alliance's military equipment.

Chinese Federation[]

The Chinese Federation is a Communist-Constitutional Monarchy and the Third Superpower in the Code Geass Universe controlling all of the territories of the Asian Continent except for the nation of Japan, and holding territories held originally by the Russian Federation north of the Korean Peninsula and Mongolia. It is also the weakest of the three superpowers economically despite its large population.