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Ryner Borha
Full Name: Ryner Borha
Nicknames: Stalker (given by Kallen Kōzuki)

Dissident (OSI)

Age: 24 (at R3)

Birth Date: a.t.b. January 10th, 1996
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Britannian-Chinese
Relatives: Tricia Borha (mother)

Chinese Military (suspected)

Britannian Military (suspected)

Zero Directive

Knightmare Frames:

Character History[]



Ryner is an attractive male with shoulder-length blond hair and dark eyes. He has a clear complexion and in his physical prime. He's typically seen garbed in dark browns and reds clothes.

Personality and traits[]

"I am loyal to people, not their principles..."

Ryner's personality is complex and at times confusing and erratic. He shares Suzaku Kururugi's strong will and dedication to his work and friends. That being said he feels little loyalty to his home nation of Britannia.




Ryner met the girl known as C.C during a prelude leading up to Lelouch regaining his memories and dawning the guise of Zero once more. 




Ryner is a trained soldier and blooded one at that. He has taken part in some of the bloodiest battles during his service to the Britannian military and survived. According to the Office of Secret Intelligence profilers, he is quite skilled in firearms and other weaponry including explosives, knives and improvised weaponry. 

Ryner is familiar with infiltration and disguises but is more comfortable with stalking "tracking" and surveillance.


"See what I see."

Ryner's Geass, possesses "The Power of Absolute Perception", allowing him to suspend, alter and/or fabricate the perceptions of anyone within a given range. Originally when calling upon the power it was visually represented by the manifestation of a Geass sigil in his left eye and projects a red sphere representing the area of effect.

Its range is determined at activation; while no upper limit is given, it can reach several hundred meters.

Physical obstacles like walls and electronic equipment do not hinder its effectiveness, nor does it require eye contact. The same people can be effect repeatedly. However despite its incredible and near limitless potential the Geass does possess a fatal flaw.

Unlike Rolo Lamperouge, Ryner has never possessed the ability to single out a target within his sphere of influence, when activating his Geass. Being in the sphere himself Ryner is also affected by his own Geass and falls under its influence. This fatal flaw can and has resulted in friendly fire during missions.