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Shinkiro by Phoenixdsc304


  • Series: SR-X1
  • Weapons:
    • Phase Transition Cannon x 1
    • Hadron Cannons x 2
    • Slash Harkens x 4
    • Nova Gravitational Cannon x 1  
  • Equipment/Installment:
    • Landspinner propulsion system (built into feet)
    • Integrated Air Wing Glide System
    • Absolute Defense Field
    • Fortress mode (transforms into a submarine/fighter jet)
    • Druid System
  • Pilot(s):

    • Unknown adaptor officer
    • Lelouch vi Britannia

The Shinkiro is an Adaptor-built Knightmare Frame that was stolen by Lelouch vi Britannia. 

The Shinkiro is equipped with a Phase Transition cannon, and 2 Hadron cannons which can fire powerful spheres of Hadron Energy. It can transform into a sumbarine/fighter jet.&nbsp The Shinkiro's Shield makes its defenses almost impenetrable. The Shinkiro is also capable of wielding the powerful Nova Gravitational Cannon. This handheld rifle has two settings, high and low density. Low density contains 10 shots while high contains only 2. The cannon fires a "bullet" which contains the device which creates the micro-singularity (tiny black hole). This sucks in all matter within range. Once it reaches optimum density it explodes converting all matter it sucked in into the energy released in the explosion. High-yield affects a larger area and thus creates a much larger explosion. Since gravity affects everything, it would be a VERY bad idea to be around when "it's going down"!

The Shinkiro was lost during the Battle of Veris 5. Shinkiro was heavily damaged after a show down with the Adaptors' Siegfried unit. As its last act, Lelouch used Shinkiro's slash harkens to latch his unit to the Siegfried. He then boosted the Shinkiro and the the tethered Siegfried into the depths of the ocean, ejecting at the last second.

The Shinkiro's technology was later back-engineered to produce Lelouch's new unit, the Gawain.