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The Twin brother of Silvaria Beurnet, a Geass Ancient like her sister, he usually works with Kasien Ci Britannia as he is his Geass Contractor and presently he is fighting in North Africa with a branch of the "Thor Squadron" where he ran into R.R. whom seems to constantly be chatting him up.



Samael has lived as long as his sister, roughly 5000 years and is believed to be one of the Five "Witchs" that created the original Codes as a means of starving off death, he has some kind of bond with the Immortal known as R.R. whom is hinted to be the first person he gave a Code to and didn't make the decision lightly; even asking the person that R.R. once was to confirm it even though R.R. has no memory of this and Samael seems shy to explain why he went through with it.