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A Relic based for Humanoid Machine Combat, found from the remains of a Race that were believed to be the Atlantians, the Solar Resonators are based off their design however have less Power Output than the Geass Relics


Little is known about the Race that designed them or how they were designed, what is known is that it Generates a Charged Particle Output that is beyond anything seen to date and can sustain a limited amount of Particles for Flight or retreats once the combat amount of Particles are fully consumed, the Particle Output is so high in the most advanced Relic that the power output seems like it will never drop.

Known Facts:[]

  1. Particle Output never drops to Zero.
  2. Only one person can use the Relics at a time without having to kill the present user.
  3. The Limited Amount of Particles is 5% which still retains high speed flight.
  4. Unlike the Solar Resonators, the Relic's Particle recharge is faster.
  5. The Relic, Adolmaea, is considered to have a Particle Output so powerful that a recharge is never needed however such power was feared so it is instead used as a human Battery.

Known Relics:[]

Out of the Eight Relics, only Seven are named.


The Most powerful of the Seven Relics and their possible "Leader", Adolmaea is known as the "Sun King" and Sovereign Light of the Anchient Skies, its power is so great that the relic doesn't need an energy recharge.




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